NO NO NO!!! April’s Somin Leaves the Group!


DSP Media announced today that Somin, leader of their new girl group April, will be leaving the group.

DSP Media stated “April will regrouped as five-member team. Somin is leaving the group today and having a fresh start.”

It explained, “Somin has been wondering about her path these days and we talked about it a lot together. After much thought, Somin has left the team, but as her management agency, we will be giving her all our support and encouragement.”

–Sigh. Is this the curse of that Baby Kara program?  There was Youngji, and that girl who killed herself, and Somin and that other girl in April.  And now Somin’s leaving?  Does this mean she’ll be a soloist now?  But what about April?  What didn’t she like?  And she was Leader too!  How demoralizing for the group!

And April is so good!  OMG I just listened to their whole minialbum again this morning! Even though I have a head cold!  Do you know how good “Love Me x3” is?!?

Well (tear) Somin as April Leader we hardly knew ye– but damn you were part of one great music video and one terrific single and a half-dozen great songs in total.  You will be missed in April, and we hope you will be happy and do well . . . .

In other news–wait, how come my click and paste thingie isn’t working?  Well in other news, April makes a comeback this month as the remaining five OMG!!!

Wow. If only I’d bought their debut album back in August like I’d meant to instead of waiting till October.  Well, now there will be even more April to absorb.

Mind you, I haven’t figured out yet who’s who in the band and who sounds like what.  There’s one who really sounds like Bomi and one who sounds kind of like Namjoo and one who sounds a bit like Eunji, and I bet Somin is one of those three.  So sad.  But I hope April will still be strong, and Somin too.  Hwaiting!




  1. Eric · · Reply

    Hopefully, Somin’s decided to look for a husband. If so, please forward my contact information to her.

    1. Nope, she’s “going solo”!

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