Lovelyz: Music Champion Ep 163

Ever since MBCKpop divested Show Champion onto its own MBC Music channel, the viewings have been low, but all the same Show Champion broadcasts tend to be terrific and this Lovelyz “Ah Choo” against a curving LCD screen filled with a Technovision panorama of stylized cherry blossoms in riotous bloom is no exception:

Inkigayo has taken to abridging “Ah Choo” performances lately, and that’s a shame, but even those are still colorful viewing pleasures.  But all the better when Lovelyz come through in full!

I still haven’t figured out what that audio distortion is at 1:16 though.  Is that hair whipping across their mics?  Ambient noise from the stage lights turning?  Maybe I’ll figure it out.  It’s unfortunate, but a small distraction.

Hopefully I’ll shortly add a Lovelyz page to the “page” section, where we can put the first year of K-pop’s greatest rookie band in permanent commemoration, as they move beyond the rookie phase into a career of ever-accumulating greatness, and with Jisoo blessedly delivered back to all of us.  Lovelyz hwaiting!



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