f(X)’s “4 Walls”: A First View Review

After years of trolling teaser photos showing f(X) in artsy woodland David Lynch pastel surreal escapades– only for the music video to show them once again in their hipster Europop plasticwear dancing in a box– SM Ent finally decides, bizarrely, to let rip with the artsy woodland David Lynch pastel surreal nightmare everybody was once waiting for.

Unfortunately, it comes only after the exit of Sulli, the tattooification of Amber, and the presence of a Krystal Jung who, eerily, has never looked or sounded more like her sister, the martyred SNSD Jessica.  At least, she’s never sounded more like her elder sister.  As to looks, some of the time in this video I think I’m actually spazing out at Victoria looking like Krystal.  Or, heck. Luna.  Without their plastic clubwear outfits, it’s a little hard to tell them apart these days.

This song is less generic Eurodance club fair than their previous singles, but that doesn’t mean it’s Art.  Yes, it has a curiously gratifying air of cooing uptempo sensuality.  But so do about seven-hundred tracks from Kaskade.  Oh My Girl’s “Closer” is a Swedish import tune, and it shows, but that song, if not up to what’s truly best in K-pop, is at least indicative of what the best could still be in Western pop.

I’ll give it another try later.  But, at the risk of dragging in subjective grievances, why is this video built around the frightful prospect of konking yourself out on the kitchen floor in a pool of water?  And a gratuitous footsoaking in blood to boot?  I’ve actually suffered both of these afflictions (not at the same time, thankfully), but they cannot help but cause me to flinch.  And it really is not the stuff of some psychedelic woodland dreamland idyll.

Seriously:  why in 2015 is this video so saturated in the iconography of f(X)’s teasers for 2012’s “Electric Shock”?

And couldn’t they put their foot down and demand Amber not get covered in hideous American lesbian tattoos?

And when will Krystal be free and have her revenge on SM Ent?

And why oh why Lord did you take Sulli out of my view? (though I know she’s acting.  And, well, she dragged on with f(X) for years).

f(X) isn’t worth getting conservative about, because they are not a band I love best.  I suppose “4 Walls” might count as a valiant effort, but it’s years too late, a member short, and haunted by the Sisters’ Jung’s travails.  And at the end of the day, the song is only at the pleasant level of a miss A album filler track.



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