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The Anniversary of This Canonical Performance of “Candy Jelly Love” on Inkigayo

It was a banner night at Inkigayo, November 30, 2014: maybe the peak moment in the history of broadcast television.  Here, like Napoleon Crossing the Alps, is Lovelyz against a David Lean-style sweep of stylized flowers, performing their galvanizing masterwork Mozart’s Symphony No 39 “Candy Jelly Love”: And though poor Jisoo had to watch from […]

The Anniversary of A Pink’s Second Week of “Luv” on Inkigayo

In the glorious roster of “Luv” stage performances, this autumnal cornucopia of sight and sound could arguably be the greatest– and it’s certainly a peak moment in pop idolatry. Heck, just the Georgian mansion Autumn leaves falling LCD show is worth the price of admission.  Every aesthetic effect here is so warmly, encompassingly moody– this […]

The Anniversary of A Pink’s 2nd week of “Luv” on Show! Music Core

Holiday madness with the moody lovelorn lasses of A Pink, one year ago today: Bliss it was– bliss it remains.  The Fairy Angel Idols for Advent!

Donald Trump on “White Trash”: “It’s a terrible expression”

I was browsing the comments at heartiste yesterday and I suddenly thought of this old scene from Donald Trump’s The Apprentice.  Back when I was living in sin, the Ex and I watched a couple of seasons of the show together in bed.  I couldn’t tell you what the projects were or who was on […]

A Pink April

My regrets over the casting in the new April video notwithstanding, “Muah!” is a fun song to listen to and it makes for a most cheering stage presentation too: The glittery pink overkill turns this pop-techno soufflé into a sort of pink hole event horizon of aegyo quantum transcendence.  [Ed.:  Say wha–?]  –“No homo”; it’s in […]


The First Sunday of Advent is upon us.   Thus saith the Lord: Keep ye judgment, and do justice: for my salvation is near to come, and my justice to be revealed.  –Isaiah 56:1

Happy Birthday Yulhee!

Laboum’s delicious doll of a maknae turns 18! And, as we reported last evening, a Laboum December comeback is on its way!!!   Which is intensely gratifying news, as we haven’t heard from Laboum since “Sugar Sugar” dropped some eight months ago. With their extreme yet effortless aegyo, their intensely comical rapport on camera, and […]

Tomorrow Is Yulhee’s Birthday And, Thank God Almighty, A Laboum Comeback Is On Its Way

–I was really starting to panic.  Like, just this evening, I was having morbid thoughts that Laboum might’ve been disbanded on account of their company running out of money or something. But no!  All of a sudden, there is a comeback!  Probably the last important comeback of 2015 too, but praise God, Laboum won’t leave […]

A Year In This Classic Show Champion Broadcast of “Candy Jelly Love”

I was just thinking how lax it was of me to omit to celebrate a one-year anniversary for Lovelyz’ awesome debut single “Candy Jelly Love”, when, in the course of rewatching some of the classic performances from November 2014, I realized this Show Champion gem– arguably (arguably!) the single most photogenic of all these iconic […]

April’s New Single is Nifty, But On Behalf Of Asian Men I Have To Say–

—This just ain’t right! The new April single is, as we would hope, a fun and infectious number that doesn’t give us too much grief about Somin’s absence [NB: the conspiracy theory afoot is that DSP removed her to put her in KARA instead. Since the core members’ contracts are apparently almost up– again!- this […]

Notes on World War III, and a “Sleepless Night”: The 9Muses Comeback In An Age of Darkness

Turkish pussies decided to suckerpunch a Russian fighter jet, “moderate” rebels on the ground murdered the surviving pilots, and now someone’s decided to shoot down a Russian rescue helicopter.  Apparently Russia’s started carpet bombing ISIS strongholds, and if they start carpetbombing Muslim Turkey too I won’t blame them– and the EUSSATO better stay the hell out […]

A Pink’s “Sunday Monday”, now a Japanese Christmas Single

“Sunday Monday”, the opening track of A Pink’s Spring 2014 album Pink Blossom, is the single most played track in my iTunes library. And now, nineteen months after its initial release, this classic finally has its own music video, by way of its resplendent Japanese re-recording, which is released now as A Pink’s Japanese Christmas […]

A Year of “Luv”

The anniversary of the release of perhaps the greatest pop song of all time. And yesterday was the fourth anniversary of their mindblowing hit “My My”!

Happy Birthday Woohee!

Dal Shabet’s glamourous Woohee turns 24! –I note that Woohee has the distinction of her own Wikipedia page! This is something of a rarity for idols these days, since the non-Eunji members of A Pink are still confined to the A Pink main article.  They used to have their own wiki bios, but there was a holocaust against […]

Autumn Leaves Are Fallen, But Lovelyz Remains

From November 15’s Inkigayo, Lovelyz rolls on with the “Ah Choo” promotions in autumnal schoolgirl colors! These tops are a bit different from anything I’ve seen on Lovelyz before– almost like cheerleader tops, though in muted colors we’d probably never see in that context.  The peeking tads of sometimes-bare midriff add to the flirty schoolgirl appeal […]

Happy Birthday Sujeong!

It’s your eighteenth birthday!  God bless you, Sujeong!! We luv you, Sujeong!!! I wanna be your love!!!! All the best, Sujeong!  Sujeong hwaiting!!!

WordPress promoting shit from John Sc*lz*

Fucking idiot.  ISIS wants you to be an ecumenical pussy.  ISIS wins again! And here’s how to imagine a better world: Europe with no non-White people in it.  Supermajority White America and Commonwealth.  Islam publicly shamed and ridiculed freely by all non-Muslims.  All Middle Easterners and Africans forced to stay in their homelands.  All Jews […]

Lovelyz Return to “Pops in Seoul”–Plus an early Happy Birthday, Sujeong!

The willowy and winsome Lovelyz make a return to Pops in Seoul for a new quiz format (which hopefully hasn’t totally superseded the beloved “Secret Box”!): It’s Jisoo’s first time on Pops in Seoul, though perhaps a tad unfortunately her question only affords her scope to do a bit of post-Woollim/SM Ent–merger buttering their unnies […]

Paris Peace Attacks: How the Leftist “Narrative” Tries to Protect Our Enemy, Islam

The newscrawl at the bottom of the bing homepage is lit up with idiotic news flashes from Paris:  “Peace for Paris” and “Muslims Condemn Attack”, etc., all doctored up with translucent French tricolors akin to the idiotic “Pride Flag” people on facebook covered their avatars with in the wake of the Judeo-queer Supreme Court usurpation […]

Life in a Racially Homogeneous, High IQ Society

Life’s a breeze in a racially homogeneous, high IQ society: fun, lightness, laughter, security. If only White people in their White homelands could enjoy the same. Gramscian evildoers will not stop until they’ve destroyed all lightness and laughter, on whatever side of the globe.  So let’s stop the Gramscian evildoers instead. Free France from blacks, […]

A Pink’s “Remember” in Autumn

KBS World TV has still never put up the A Pink Comeback stage “Attracted 2 U”/”Remember” set, a failure which has left a hole in my heart so big as to be fateful.  Of all the bits of business to go unfulfilled on youtube, this is about the most exceptional that Destiny could have picked […]

A View To A Kill

With breaking chaos in Paris, multiple sites of attack, hostages, and an emergency closing of the borders– funny how that can happen so fast when all of a sudden Islamic enrichment takes the form of a bomb at a stadium the Socialist President sits in attendance?– it is time for all Muslims across all Europe […]

We Are White Patriots, We Are Christendom

We will preserve and prevail. We are stronger than you.  We are brighter than you.  In spirit and in form, we are more beautiful than you.  We are the bearers of a peculiar benediction– too often derelict, yes, and many have failed.  But we undertook a Covenant, and from the already spectacular beginnings of Greece […]

9Muses 3rd 2015 Comeback First Teaser!

By sheer dint of determination alone, eight-member girl group 9Muses commands attention for plunging into their third comeback of calendar year 2015: how often do you get that kind of hardwork, and from the furthest thing from a rookie group too. Of course, more popular groups do have excuses– A Pink’s Eunji’s acting star is […]

Syrian Refugee? My Ass

Originally posted on ReactionaryThought:
The above photo of an aging, unmarried, childless (hence the surrogate roleplaying), European, liberal, attention-whoring female acting out her psychological conflicts via mass media is a screen shot from this shit show: Notice how people shove to the front, some cynically holding a child, demanding admission based on whatever that person…

Save White Europe: Invaders Must Die, Traitors Must Hang

Kill, Kill, Kill.  Die, Die, Die.  When will it begin? When the Tet Offensive collapsed, they say we had to use bulldozers to clear the streets of Viet Cong dead.  May we live to see it with the Muslim invaders in Europe.  Clerics swinging from lampposts.  Pigs herding merrily among the charred, flattened remains of mosques.  Dead […]

NO NO NO!!! April’s Somin Leaves the Group!

Devastating! DSP Media announced today that Somin, leader of their new girl group April, will be leaving the group. DSP Media stated “April will regrouped as five-member team. Somin is leaving the group today and having a fresh start.” It explained, “Somin has been wondering about her path these days and we talked about it a […]

Lovelyz: Music Champion Ep 163

Ever since MBCKpop divested Show Champion onto its own MBC Music channel, the viewings have been low, but all the same Show Champion broadcasts tend to be terrific and this Lovelyz “Ah Choo” against a curving LCD screen filled with a Technovision panorama of stylized cherry blossoms in riotous bloom is no exception: Inkigayo has […]

“What Color Is Your Teacher?”

–I remember this story of Fred Reed’s from before, but I’m happy he’s told it again here: In middle or high-school, my younger daughter brought home a chemistry worksheet with common chemical terms badly misspelled–on the order of “pollyefflememe.” Clearly the woman who wrote this was pig-ignorant and lacked even the minimal self-respect to check. […]

Kei and Jin, Stars in the Night

Vox Day on Thomas Sowell

In reply to a commenter, Vox writes: Considering that I kicked his ass badly on his woeful ignorance of Pearl Harbor and military history, you should probably understand that Sowell, while a smart, well-educated, and admirable man, simply isn’t in my league. Look, no one denies that if you cream off the black elite, raise […]

f(X)’s “4 Walls”: A First View Review

After years of trolling teaser photos showing f(X) in artsy woodland David Lynch pastel surreal escapades– only for the music video to show them once again in their hipster Europop plasticwear dancing in a box– SM Ent finally decides, bizarrely, to let rip with the artsy woodland David Lynch pastel surreal nightmare everybody was once […]

Uploaded 18 hours ago, a fresh A Pink Performance

On a concert stage for SBS with “Remember”: –Purely some kind of synchronicity that I searched for sbsmusic1, because I wasn’t anticipating anything other than rewatching one of the summer broadcasts, but here they are. Sigh.  Oh that we could have a new A Pink album for Valentine’s.  Or Christmas . . .

A Poem by TheRedSkull

From the comments at Vox Day: Kratman gets us back on track In knightly virtues do not lack But put the rascal on the rack: Twist his tits and scorch his sack! Learn from Catholic Church, the plea: Punish Medievally. Or at least pay full reprisal: Rope for rape and eye for ISIL. Armies are […]