T-ara: Target

We’ve shown it before in various incarnations, but since it floated into view here again let’s serve up Treasure Box-era T-ara’s “Target”:

–Though strictly speaking I should say post-Treasure Box since Ahreum was gone by the time T-ara took the stage at Budokan (at least I think this is the Budokan concert).

This is really a much nicer song than “Sugar Free”, isn’t it?  That’s curious.  Superficially it’s very much the same sort of hard-pounding techno.  I’m not sure it even qualitifes as “more melodic”, though it does have that baroque Japanese style of flying up and down the scales all over the place.  But I think it can be said that it’s objectively sweeter.  Yes?  There are so many readily identifiable objective things in Art, it terrifies me how little recognition they receive.

Can T-ara still play a venue this size in Japan?  I know Gossip Girls didn’t sell a lot of physical albums, but I don’t believe T-ara heavily promoted it.  Anyway, they’ve got China now, in case they “lost” Japan.  Though I’m not sure if any Koreans ever truly conquer Japan, or for long.  Well, KARA.  But what do the Japanese think of Youngji?  Will there be a Japanese Day & Night/In Love?

Supposedly you can fake your way to an iTunes Japan account if you enter an actual Japanese address.  Maybe if I learn a little Japanese I’ll look into that.  Not that I want to break Japan’s laws or anything– really, besides the strict morality of strict legality, I’m superstitious about such things.  But maybe if I started dating a Japanese waitress or something I might get her to hook me up.  Not that I’m looking to date a Japanese waitress.  I don’t even eat out currently.  But you never know.  [Ed.:  That’s what she said.]  –Whatever, Bob.

A Pink, btw, went to No 2 on the oricon charts with “Luv”, so I don’t know why the evil haters hate on them for supposedly “failing” in Japan.

And there’s a new Crayon Pop J-single, is there?

Well, I’m supposed to be watching classic horror movies, if only because I tell myself every year that’s what I’m going to do in October, but it never happens.  Like when I watched The Shining two days in a row in May 2011 and told myself, “I’ll get back to that in October.”  Only it wasn’t till 2013 I watched it again– and hey, I haven’t watched it since.  So what am I waiting for?

Wait, was there a performance of “Sugar Free” on SBS The Show I haven’t seen yet?

And–OMG!– I still haven’t watched the second part of that scary Halloween episode of Lovelyz Diary Season 3.  Though actually it took place in July– but it must’ve been shot with Halloween in mind, knowing they’d have an October comeback.

It actually is pretty scary, if only because the Lovelyz really scream their heads off, which is pretty disturbing.  Oh– it’s too complicated to describe here.  I’ll save that for another post.  Oh, and they keep playing big snippets of what is expected to be the next Lovelyz single, which is weird, because how long will we have to wait for the next single and why was it already being recorded in July?

Oh, it’s all so complicated!  NO, of course I don’t do drugs, but this has been a frazzling day.  And I shouldn’t drink coffee after midnight.


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