On the Gaon Physical Album Charts, Red Velvet’s “Red” Is Only Two Spots Above “Pink LUV”

No, Virginia, I’m not confusing Pink Memory with Pink Luv; nor for that matter am I confusing Ice Cream Cake with Red– unless Gaon has!

The chart has Red, whose lead single “Dumb Dumb” has sat atop the soompi charts for four straight weeks, at no. 80, replacing A Pink’s next-to-latest album from last November, which drops down to no 82.

Bizarrely, spring’s Red Velvet mini-album Ice Cream Cake is at no. 45.  Pink Memory meanwhile holds at no. 32, slipping only one spot from the previous week.  AOA drops 14 points to no. 59.  Oh My Girl debuts at no. 6, Lovelyz drops 9 points to no 17.

–This is for the week of the 11th to the 17th, the latest chart listed.  I’m really surprised that the Red Velvet full album (surely blessed with glossy art work) would be doing so poorly.  And yes, I’ve figured out that CDs don’t sell all the much nowadays (hmpf!); but most K-pop albums are elaborate affairs, and their sales are a big index of real commercial clout and the strength of the fanbase.

I’ve been meaning to get around to some of the Gaon analytics presented by K-pop fans.  Did you know miss A’s “Only You” is the 2nd biggest girl group hit of the year, with over a million paid downloads, and yet they only moved something over 1.2 million downloads total?  Nobody wanted to check out the Colors album at all.  I really find that startling and depressing.  And no, it’s not a great record– but how can people love the single so much yet have so little curiosity about the rest of the release?

Speaking of physical albums though– the other night I ransacked through some of the “unboxing” videos people have made on youtube– this is a collector’s ritual, a bit nutsy I admit, of filming oneself unwrapping the album from the mail and presenting its contents, page by page, for the camera.  I’ve seen some where people even wear gloves (which is only appropriate!).

I must say the April and Oh My Girl storybooks are beautiful– true hardcover children’s book-style items, as befits the fairytale ambience of the “Dream Candy” and “Closer” videos.  If I ever start collecting K-pop physical albums (which I won’t unless/until I have my own chateau), they’ll become a high priority.

So congratulations again to A Pink, for this commanding proof of the appeal of their records, and may Lovelyz hang on tight!


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