I was enjoying some A Pink– and then things got weird

It’s always worth making sure you check the run time on a youtube video you click on, just to make sure there are no surprises.

I thought, a ha! another Christmas awards show performance of “Luv” I haven’t seen!  So I settled in comfortably with the familiar cadences of The Greatest Pop Song Of All Time and all the lustrous ambience A Pink roll out for its performances, when suddenly my head is snapped by the disappearance of A Pink from the stage and their replacement by some coed set of three-year-olds, bizarrely backed up by adultish women in vaguely louche schoolboy outfits [NB:  Now seriously, what was that look about–‘I just got out of bed with my math tutor nekkid and had to answer the door’ chic?].  Okay, some end-of-year kookiness, but it means A Pink are going to come back out and finish “Mr Chu”, right?  Uhm, right?  Oh . . . oh . . .

And then we’re just cranking right along into “No No No” and it’s like, holy crap, they’ve taken away A Pink and just left us with these kindergartners who are going to perform the whole flipping A Pink catalog here.  What the hey– oh thank God, thank God, A Pink’s back on the stage!  Yeah okay kids, it’s a dream come true for you, I know, you got to perform with A Pink nowgettheheckoutofAPink’swayalready!!!

–No offense, but really, I’m not altogether sure those boys should’ve been doing A Pink-ish choreo.  The arm movements were a little too . . .  florid.  I mean, shouldn’t it just be the little girls doing A Pink and then the boys could just be hanging back and acting a little more, you know, masculine?

And are little boys really that much taller than their age-peer females, btw?  Are they two grades ahead or something?  Wait, are these the kids from that reality tv show with the kids?  The ones with the dad or whatever?  I mean, I think their dad’s famous or something?  Eh, I don’t know.

Anyway, it was great when it was “Luv” but then it just became this bizarre jamboree, which I guess in hindsight is cute and it’s great that A Pink can be the Nation’s Girl Group and the kids love it and everything.  But really, A Pink should’ve come back on for “Mr. Chu”.


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