More A Pink Out Of Doors

Another outdoors concert stage for “Remember”, this one from the new vaults for Show Champion:

No (literal) fireworks in this one, just those odd vertical fog-exhale thingies (I don’t think they add anything to music performances, tbh).  Assuming this wasn’t held up late before release, this must be an End Of Summer thing, the very tail end of the “Remember” promotions.

Hayoung’s short hair gives her an oddly maternal vibe which I find rather affecting.  Back in summer 2011 when they did “Hush”, A Pink’s members were clearly split between those with perfectly flat bellies (with a couple of inches of midriff bare) versus those who had a teeny bit of fat there (discreetly just covered up).  Well, Eunji has become a bit notorious for the dieting that’s stripped off her fat, but Hayoung, if my eyes don’t deceive me, still has a sense of curve in her stomach, and I find it most delightful.  I suppose you can’t call that “baby belly fat”, but it does enhance her glowing girlishness, highlighted all the more by that kind of dipsy authoritativeness she delivers with her “You!” lines.  Ah, that beguiling border between girlhood and womanhood– may Hayoungipoo straddle it for a few more years to come!

At the risk of blasphemy, I have to admit: that hottie in the audience at 2:27 is rather fetching.  A mere mortal, to be sure, and not worthy consideration in the same breathe as illustrious A Pink; but I too am a mere mortal, and thus cannot altogether not note these things sometimes.  You know, she might be more on my lowly level, so to speak.  [Ed.:  In your dreams, bucko.]  –Yeah well, she’s not some flake SONE or godforsaken slut who can’t appreciate A Pink’s divine music, so we have that in common!

–I admit too, I hope A Pink will do a Christmas special or two and perform “Remember” in outfits like those they wore for “Luv”.  I like Hayoung and Bomi’s nautical stripes well enough I could wish these costumes had a bit more uniformity.  I know the concept is beachy street fashion and is supposed to be a bit more individuated than their previous promotions, but still–it has a way of leaving some members, depending on the stage, looking a bit mussed in the laundry hamper department.


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  1. Oh, A Pink did “Mr Chu” for this set too!

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