“Jessica Reveals an Ethereal Photo of Herself”

Jessica Jung news, from soompi:

Jessica, formerly of Girls’ Generation, posted on her Instagram account a behind-the-scenes cut of her recent photo shoot for a pictorial on October 17.

jessica ethereal photo soompi

In the posted pitcure, she is dressed up as a goddess in a thick forest. She looks quite dreamlike in the picture with her long straight hair and she [sic] pure white dress. As always, she looks beautiful. [non-sic!]  She included the words “Hello~ Saturday~” for her fans as well.

Meanwhile, Jessica is active as the lead designer for her brand Blanc & Eclare, and she is busy promoting in China.

–For the last few days, I’ve been on a quixotic and somewhat anal quest to rescue all the songs in my iTunes library stuck in the 1, 2, or 3 listens dustbin (yes, I should never have consulted the “Songs” list).  I’m sure many people have a lot of detritus in there that they never listen to, but it rather shocked me to find that the median point for my whole library is “2”– even if this does count some Foreign Language cds I uploaded and stuff like Stravinsky that I hardly want to listen to on a regular basis (I had a dream the other night about The Firebird, curiously enough though).

Well anyway, so I’ve been playing every album I can find stuck down there, or mostly stuck down there, and trying to give them a reasonably serious tryout on the head phones, though of course many of those tracks are stuck there for good reason.  And one entry was SNSD’s Mr Mr mini-album, and indeed, it turns out it still sucks.

I mean, “Europa” is okay.  But there isn’t even a decent ballad on there–just some meandering shapeless slow-song that attempts nothing on the scale of “Mistake” or “Promise” or “Star Star Star”.  Even without Jessicagate, it really galls me how SNSD– at their best, a hieratically epic epitome of feminine grace and girlish glamour– could be allowed to pump out such a large number of really crappy tunes.  That record makes a sad and limp parting shot from Korea’s national girl group, sad enough that, in the cosmic scheme of things, one might wonder why Jessica, or others, would still put in all the work to promote such mediocre material.

And, you know:  even though I really enjoy Red Velvet as a pop culture presence and a Music Video Phenomenon, I had hardly listened to the Ice Cream Cake mini-album either.  Which, thankfully, is better than Mr. Mr, even though like that last 9NSD album it is almost entirely the work of Western hands.  For the love of all things good, why does SM Ent banish Kenzie, who produced “Oh”, probably SNSD’s second biggest hit and second most iconic tune, to writing Korean lyrics instead of crafting entire songs?  It’s disgraceful.

By the way, I think Red Velvet’s “Dumb Dumb” is still on its 3rd week atop the soompi charts, following three weeks of “Lion Heart” toppage (there may have been an interlude in there I guess?).  So SM Ent will say their methods work.  Well, “Dumb Dumb” is a terrific improvement over “Ice Cream Cake”, which was okay but too saccharine, frankly, for my taste; but even so, in a perfectly just world people should be fawning right now over April’s “Dream Candy” and rushing Lovelyz “Ah Choo” to the top of the charts.  And SM Ent’s present executive should be on the horn by now, trying to find Shinsadong Tiger.

But in a perfectly just world, Jessica Jung would never have been banished to the thick forests in the first place.  Even if, while there, she still radiates like a goddess.



  1. Eric · · Reply

    That photo is what I would imagine the first sight in Heaven would look like.

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