Hail Satan

Even in my late immersion in conspiracy facts  “theories” I had only lately become aware of an incredible and chilling little addenda to these stories:  the extraordinary prevalence of El Diablo hand gestures in photos of alleged victims of mass shootings.

I’m not sure if I had heard before of this “event” in Houston last year or not– but this is, even by the standards of the false flag regimen, really out there.  Is this even still inside “Purloined Letter” territory?  What “reality” is this farce supposed to correspond to?

Meanwhile, Laura Wood reports on the latest Hail Satan out of Oregon.



  1. Well…that hand symbol is also the Texas Longhorn salute, since this happened in Houston…

    But any rate, this could certainly be a hoax. What I think may have happened in cases like Sandy Hook and Roseburg is that it may be a different sort of false flag. It’s not difficult to ‘prime’ some whacko, give him weapons and then turn him loose. Then the organization to exploit the ‘tragedy’ is already in place.

    At any rate, something really fishy is going on. It’s like that passenger jet that was shot down over Donbas. The smoke hadn’t even cleared and already the media scum were interviewing ‘grieving relatives’ who were unfurling political speeches about Russian intervention in the former Ukraine.

    1. Well, heartiste frequent commenter Captain Obvious (who I think is previous and well-regarded heartiste frequent commenter Zombie Shane) is big on Eskimo psy ops and the brainwashing of assasins to take out enemies of TPTB– a theme that goes with hipster racist’s work on the CIA’s Operation Monarch and Rob Ager’s work on Stanley Kubrick’s work on the same.

      But at least with Sandy Hook, the trouble goes even deeper. When I first became aware of these theories, I kept thinking, “Okay, what the hell did they do with the kids? Is the CIA THAT coldblooded?” But when you look into it, you realize there is absolutely no evidence of these children: no bodies, no ambulance sirens, no evacuation. By the official account, the dead bodies supposedly stayed inside the school the whole weekend! Is there a deep freezer in Sandy Hook Elementary?!

      I need to line up all my favorite videos on this, so people can watch them consecutively and absorb this. We have no trail for these supposed children except rampantly photoshopped family photos– usually with suspiciously identical looking siblings. As Sofia Smallstorm figures, they probably used older photos of the “victims” “older siblings” to create the identities for the supposed victims.

      The high-IQ Gypsy class is running rampant. If/when the exposure of this fraud– which apparently is gathering steam to the point they truly are drunk on their success and don’t care if the Dead Girlfriend (VA shooting) has a gay boyfriend who trots around a photo album (in 2015!) celebrating their “monthiversaries” (!) and even Freudian-slips on camera and calls the deceased his “boyfr– uh, girlfriend”, so cocksure are they of their victory– breaks, it will probably reset our notions of public trust and of racial/hereditarian culpability so hard as to render the last three centuries of “Progress” moot.

      Not, of course, that all the participants are J***sh: but these gun hoaxes are simply the insane NWO pursuit of Jewish paranoia against all white people who carry weapons– a paranoia that has haunted me ever since, fifteen years ago, I read Saul Bellow’s “Ravelstein” and realized that these two brilliant Jews honestly thought Connecticut farmers would rise up with pitchforks and kill them if ever the lights were to go out.

      I have to underline that the scope of these satanic mendacity automatically calls into question the veracity of the gas chambers– a pivot which finally will be revisited, perhaps with astonishing and irreversible consequences for the Jewish people.

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