White Shoah

Germany’s insane determination to fold within her embrace 800,000 “refugees” this year has morphed into the embrace of 1.5 million alien scum.  Vox Day reports:

There is nothing any of us can do about any of this except watch, wait, and understand that when the native populations begin taking measures that go well beyond the infiltrators, they are not the parties responsible for the inevitable tragedies. The responsible parties are those who made the invasions possible in the first place.

I can’t possibly do justice to how angry people are here. I mean, I quite literally can’t post what I am hearing people of all ages, of all political identities, saying about the invaders and their own politicians, or as doing so would be in violation of numerous speech laws, including those of the USA.

–So be it.  “The readiness is all.”  “Then, venom, to thy work”.  White native peoples will not be the ones to blame.  There is a Providence that shapes our ends.


One comment

  1. It looks like Eastern and Southern Europe are going to save Civilization this time. The West is pretty much toast.

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