Lovelyz Bring “Ah Choo” to Let’s Dance

The latest incarnation of 1theK’s infotainment choreography show I affectionately call Less Dance! gives us the eight Lovelyz taking on cute games and candid interactions– but of course this Daft Punk nugu character “K-man” is all over it, continuing the near-ruination of a once sometimes-mind-blowingly awesome show.

I mean, there’s loads of cute Lovelyz moments, and we can never be ungrateful for another opportunity to share their company– but sheesh is it a drag to have this robo-voiced ectomorphic gaywad hanging around the whole time.

Pretty much every compliment Jiae pays him screams, “LOSER”!

It’s really sweet to see Kei and Jisoo exhibit such synchronous affinity.

Maybe K-man was introduced to emcee the games-related challenges.  Maybe he’s there because some groups conspicuously failed to devise entertaining improve on their own.  I remember watching FIESTAR for “One More” and, God bless ’em, they were pretty meandering and awkward.  A Pink, by contrast, were just brilliant in their “Mr Chu” episode.  Rainbow is another group that excels in this format.  I’m sure Lovelyz could manage excellently without “K-man”, so I guess we’ll have to blame GFriend or some team like that for his presence.  Hopefully 1theK can start mixing back in some K-man-free Less Dance! episodes soon . . . .



  1. Further choreographic hijinks– and a Kei/Jiae arm wrestling bout!

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