A Pink’s “A Wonderful Love” On Inkigayo

I was about to share A Pink’s Show Champion performance of Pink Memory’s exalted ballad**  “A Wonderful Love”, which I was just revisiting, when I discovered that A Pink had also brought the song– albeit in truncated form– to their Comeback Stage at Inkigayo.

This isn’t an official SBSMusic1 upload, and the audio sounds a bit distanced.  And the camera cuts to Namjoo during a big Eunji moment, which is sloppy (though of course Namjoo looks sensational as always– and they fade in to Eunji before she’s done).  But it’s an evocative amber stage, and Hayoung sheds a tear, so we can fairly call this special.

–Or maybe that was a fleck of glitter.  But it’s still special.

**  Cultural elitists will of course recognize “exalted ballads” as an aesthetic category coined by da GreatBooksForMen(TM), who is seen too seldom– but sometimes still!– these days on the internet.  And to the GBFM, as to A Pink and all forgers of exalted balladry, we bid Godspeed.


One comment

  1. –Somewhere in between this and the Kei-to-Youngji sprint detailed in the Soyeon post I revisited that outdoors “Love Story” A Pink performance with all those telephoto shots of the girls against the one tree in the distance but making them look in closeup as if they’re standing in a forest–I just felt the need to document that fact for posterity, especially since I just now listened to “Pink Blossom” after listening to “Lovelyz8”.

    [Ed.: You ARE having a banner day!] –Well, it’ll all come crashing down if I don’t restock the pantry asap. So good luck on my having the energy left to write up the Seungyeon “Cupid” fancam or watch that William Friedkin movie. Do I even have the moral strength left to open my front door?

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