Lovelyz8, “Ah Choo”

We here at Chateau de Somesuch have been having an erratic couple of days on le computer:  just as strategic updates seemed finally to be breaking the molasses-slow browsing of late, I discovered Windows Media Player had vanished; and when, after a couple of increasingly distant-past system restores got that back, I discovered my poor thousandfold Favorites (like a diary of these past four years!) were gone: and when I decided to undo so as to get those back, I only found I had lost them and WMP together.  So back it was to re-restore the past, get WMP back; but then my computer seemed to think it had never been updated before, and simply could not find any updates to download.  Sans updates, we’d be slow as molasses and, worse, a sitting duck (even though security updates, how can we browse away with nary an update going forward?).  So, System Restore to the rescue, no?  Except them System Restore decided not to restore.  Whew.  Well, that has happened before, so– we’ll just try it again.

[Ed.:  All this fret over flippin’ Windows Media Player?  Don’t you just listen to everything in iTunes?    –Yeah, I know.  But I hate change.]

Except then, Windows cannot open at all, and instead of System Restore I’ve got something called Startup Restore (?) which seemed to spend a half-hour doing nothing, and I was about to slam the thing shut and try my desperate luck to see if it’d just start up the second time around, when suddenly it came to life and here I am . . . .

Here I am: except still stuck in an unupdateable past (or so it looks to be).  Maybe that will change on its own, but really I think I’ll have to try my luck one more time (maybe this Startup Restore cleaned up the hitch that semi-crashed it before?) so I can at least have a moderato-paced browsing experience and updateable machine, and leave it (Lord willing) at that.

But for this moment, lest we have to go laptop shopping (which will mean in reality I won’t be here for quite a long time), it is October 1st, 2015, and the new Lovelyz single, album, and video have arrived.

Once more, surreal girlish pranks and laughter; once more, retro-hued disco jollity, soaring yearning, and all the heart-thrilling bliss of another pop classic from the rising pop group of their generation.  So, God bless the eightfold Lovelyz, and prosper these new records.  And may I not be smote from the internet by shaky restore points and crashing Windows, but stay with you, safe and secure, in this lovely October [NB:  after all these days of rain, like some Poisson Deluge, and it felt it would go on forever, and then finally, almost miraculously, it’s over– but then, like, in five minutes it feels like it’s 80 degrees inside! Sigh!] and, God willing, let us watch this fantastic new video over and over again, and devour this new album, and love the love of Lovelyz and Lovelyz8.  Amen.


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  1. Lovelyz on M! Countdown!

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