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A Pink BnN Return

A variety show cover, but still, it’s Bomi and Namjoo sharing the stage!   Advertisements

OMG! MBCKPOP Gets In On the Color-coded Eng Sub Business

Just as mnet jumped on board the post-EXID viral video fancaming gig, now MBC’s K-pop youtube channel has started its own Hangeul/Romanization/English subbing subchannel! –So instead of just surfing for random fan-made videos, we can get hd audio and lyrics from the professionals (or at least for the major singles!)!  

Lovelyz Unplugged!

An exceptionally well-lit and ravishingly photographed Lovelyz performance from last week, and vocally live all the way through. –I assume this was some sort of awards or charity broadcast– it’s a bit mysterious to see the orchestra sitting in the shadows behind them.  But somehow atmospheric too.  An altogether beautiful “Ah Choo”, which deserves many […]

“Migrant crisis has EU nations grasping for solution”?

—Shoot them.

On the Gaon Physical Album Charts, Red Velvet’s “Red” Is Only Two Spots Above “Pink LUV”

No, Virginia, I’m not confusing Pink Memory with Pink Luv; nor for that matter am I confusing Ice Cream Cake with Red–– unless Gaon has! The chart has Red, whose lead single “Dumb Dumb” has sat atop the soompi charts for four straight weeks, at no. 80, replacing A Pink’s next-to-latest album from last November, […]

T-ara: Target

We’ve shown it before in various incarnations, but since it floated into view here again let’s serve up Treasure Box-era T-ara’s “Target”: –Though strictly speaking I should say post-Treasure Box since Ahreum was gone by the time T-ara took the stage at Budokan (at least I think this is the Budokan concert). This is really […]

I was enjoying some A Pink– and then things got weird

It’s always worth making sure you check the run time on a youtube video you click on, just to make sure there are no surprises. I thought, a ha! another Christmas awards show performance of “Luv” I haven’t seen!  So I settled in comfortably with the familiar cadences of The Greatest Pop Song Of All […]

More A Pink Out Of Doors

Another outdoors concert stage for “Remember”, this one from the new vaults for Show Champion: No (literal) fireworks in this one, just those odd vertical fog-exhale thingies (I don’t think they add anything to music performances, tbh).  Assuming this wasn’t held up late before release, this must be an End Of Summer thing, the very […]

Lovelyz And Beyond the Infinite

The Heartgate opens, and we journey beyond space and time, into the empyrean of K-pop’s melodic universe and a love that’s beyond the stars.

Laura Wood At the Mall

I was reading with amusement this new post at The Thinking Housewife on scripted customer/clerk interactions, and mentally applying it to my own (relatively limited) interactions in live shopping these days.  Since groceries are most of what I purchase offline, I get to hear  “Did you find everything you were looking for?” alot.  Yes, it […]

The Innocent Luminescence of April

Back in August I was primed for DSP Media’s new girl group April to arrive on the scene.  My belated recognition that I love KARA and Rainbow, and that the last few albums from both have in fact been uniformly splendid, led me to hope that, for all DSP’s legendary madcap mismanagement, maybe –they were just […]

Lovelyz8: The Inkigayo Comeback

Situated in one of those brilliantly surreal Inkigayo sets– is this a Greek grotto in your living room? (It even changes seasons too!)– Lovelyz bedazzle the stage with “Ah Choo”: –I had readied to post this one the day after the performance, so why do I procrastinate so monstrously?  But at least I covered the […]

“Do not relent on abortion, life rules everything”

An interview with a French patriot (in which he quotes that advice from another).

Lawrence Auster’s Eulogy for Ronald Reagan: with reflections on Donald Trump

I chanced upon this in the archives at View From the Right, moving forward day by day from something a few days behind: Ronald Reagan, 1911-2004 We learned of the death of Ronald Reagan yesterday in an unusual and touching way: at the seventh inning stretch at Yankee Stadium. The announcer asked everyone to stand […]

“Jessica Reveals an Ethereal Photo of Herself”

Jessica Jung news, from soompi: Jessica, formerly of Girls’ Generation, posted on her Instagram account a behind-the-scenes cut of her recent photo shoot for a pictorial on October 17. In the posted pitcure, she is dressed up as a goddess in a thick forest. She looks quite dreamlike in the picture with her long straight hair […]

That use which is against nature

[21] Because that, when they knew God, they have not glorified him as God, or given thanks; but became vain in their thoughts, and their foolish heart was darkened. [22] For professing themselves to be wise, they became fools. [23] And they changed the glory of the incorruptible God into the likeness of the image […]

The Gloryz of Lovelyz: “Ah Choo” on Show Champion

From Show Champion’s new separate nest at the MBC Music youtube channel, this stunning outdoor performance: —Show Champion is the stay-at-home step-sister to the big music shows, but it must be noted that it tends to have some of the best camerawork and the stateliest LCD backdrops.  And this video doesn’t disappoint in these regards, with […]

“Russia does not play games. They are problem solvers, and they do it quietly and efficiently, not like the Americans who prefer to do everything in front of the cameras”

–says an Iraqi medical student, in this AP piece documenting President Putin’s rockstar iconic status today in the Middle East, where large swaths of the populations are looking to him as a savior against ISIS and the USSA. The piece concludes by informing us that the sundry Syrian rebel factions have responded by creating a […]

Kara: “In Those Days”

Listening to KARA has become a strange sort of Sunday morning ritual around these parts these last few months.  The 4ARA records have a delightful halcyon quality about them–  no offense to the Sweetune, Nicole/Jiyoung-era KARA that made the band’s name immortal, but these last two albums tend to smooth down the epicene disco girlgasm […]

Hearts of Refulgence: The Lovelyz8 “Music Bank” Premiere

Of all the “Ah Choo” stages thus far, the KBS Music Bank Comeback looks to be the most resplendent of them all: Such a perfect aegyo stage, lustrously photographed, with beaming closeups and grateful audience cheers for Jisoo, this is another canonical moment for Lovelyz, and an awesome way to savor their latest instant classic […]

This One’s For Eric

Courtesy of The Thinking Housewife, I think he’ll enjoy it lzlzolz: –Actually, I think Eric may have posted some of their other work before.

Hail Satan

Even in my late immersion in conspiracy facts  “theories” I had only lately become aware of an incredible and chilling little addenda to these stories:  the extraordinary prevalence of El Diablo hand gestures in photos of alleged victims of mass shootings. I’m not sure if I had heard before of this “event” in Houston last […]

White Shoah

Germany’s insane determination to fold within her embrace 800,000 “refugees” this year has morphed into the embrace of 1.5 million alien scum.  Vox Day reports: There is nothing any of us can do about any of this except watch, wait, and understand that when the native populations begin taking measures that go well beyond the […]

Lovelyz Bring “Ah Choo” to Let’s Dance

The latest incarnation of 1theK’s infotainment choreography show I affectionately call Less Dance! gives us the eight Lovelyz taking on cute games and candid interactions– but of course this Daft Punk nugu character “K-man” is all over it, continuing the near-ruination of a once sometimes-mind-blowingly awesome show. I mean, there’s loads of cute Lovelyz moments, and […]

T-ara’s Soyeon Sings “Love Poem”

T-ara’s Queen Songbird Soyeon, her sweet angelic face beaming round and iconic from the screen, winds her emotive way through solo tune “Love Poem” at Budokan: –Just one of the chestnuts I’m plowing through at youtube, letting the recommendations carry me hither and yon: from Kei’s mnet fancam to a KARA Youngji fancam, thence to […]

A Pink’s “A Wonderful Love” On Inkigayo

I was about to share A Pink’s Show Champion performance of Pink Memory’s exalted ballad**  “A Wonderful Love”, which I was just revisiting, when I discovered that A Pink had also brought the song– albeit in truncated form– to their Comeback Stage at Inkigayo. This isn’t an official SBSMusic1 upload, and the audio sounds a […]

Lovelyz: The Show! Music Core Comeback

The splendorous return of Lovelyz to the stage at Music Core, with an abridged “How to Be a Pretty Girl”: And the glorious new single in full: –with purpleescent disco balls, balloons, flowered boots, and all the ardor of pure young love, soaring soaring soaring into the synth ether.  Bliss it is to–ah choo!– in […]

This T-ara performance was released an hour ago, let’s have a look!

It’s Lovelyz8’s time in the somber October sun, but since T-ara is still preparing, Genghis Khan style, to bid for control of Asia with their forthcoming (?) Chinese album, let’s see fit to indulge this “So Crazy” stage: –I think this concert was a while ago.  I’m not sure.  No, the internet is not my […]

Not letting the Oregon “crisis” go to waste

As a Sandy Hook truther, I’m not going to just automatically assume that mass casualty shootings can never take place– so we’ll wait and see what anomalies may unfold from the shooting event in Oregon. However, Redsilverj already has this video up, and if you’re skeptical at first, wait until we get into the in-depth […]

They put Namjoo in a, uh, one of them–thingies

[Ed.  You mean a tittie harness?]  Shut up, Bob!  It’s not a– a, ‘tittie harness’.  It’s like, uhm, it’s the street version of a tittie harness, is all.  Which is ontologically and creatively completely different, it’s not even the same thing at all.  It’s a totally different same thing, it’s not even the same exact […]

Lovelyz’ Jisoo Unbound

Her first major Comeback Stage, her first M! Countdown, and her first mnet “fancam” video: after so many painful months of limbo, the longed-for glory has arrived! The start of so many great things– years of them!– yet to come!  Ah Choo, hwaiting!

Lovelyz8, “Ah Choo”

We here at Chateau de Somesuch have been having an erratic couple of days on le computer:  just as strategic updates seemed finally to be breaking the molasses-slow browsing of late, I discovered Windows Media Player had vanished; and when, after a couple of increasingly distant-past system restores got that back, I discovered my poor […]