Kei Can’t Bear to Look, but: Always positive, princess-mind!

Part two of the Lovelyz street-recognition test finds Baby Soul, Mijoo, Kei, and Yein taking to the dim Seoul streets to try their charms on unsuspecting passersby while the others bark encouragement and commands from inside the van!

An especially lustrous Kei in a magnificent red coat looks staggeringly well throughout, and we get to hear her doing a sweet musical number on the empty sidewalk.  Ne!

Of course the chic and shy Baby Soul, regal Mijoo, and Yein (who “doesn’t know what hip-hop is”!) are all adorable here but, like Kei says, it’s all too embarrassing to watch.  I’m just too empathetic with these kinds of difficult on-camera situations; I cannot at all watch with detachment or a lack of unpleasant suspense as to what awkwardness might unfold.  But thankfully, all came off well.

I’ve been enjoying the pre-Lovelyz8 release ballad “Shooting Star”, which is yet another classic storybook-in-song Lovelyz number which only grows in resonance once you consult the lyrics.  Lovelyz is really building up a classic songbook:  whether they ever divert from the One Piece aesthetic or not, I think these “early” records will hold up as magnificently as Seven Springs of A Pink and Snow Pink and, for that matter, Absolute First Album as canonical K-pop masterworks.

They’ve just released the album teaser for the full Lovelyz8 playlist, but I think I’ll probably abstain from watching that till the album has already been heard.  Meanwhile, the “Ah Choo” teaser needs to go in that “Classic K-pop Teasers” page I’ve been meaning to compose.  The “Hi” teaser is a given, but the spectacle of Kei’s smile-and-blink in the “Shooting Star” teaser– which is a different smile-and-blink than the one in the video!– makes it a contender too.  Well, soon enough Lovelyz will have enough of a catalog I can give them their own page.

PS:  Happy Chuseok to everyone!  And Lovelyz8 hwaiting!


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