Hey SONEs, “Lion Heart” just dropped 33 spots on the GAON album charts

You would think, with all those trophies for “Lion Heart”, this new album would be a huge winner.  In fact, it’s being outsold by Red Velvet’s previous album Ice Cream Cake (at no. 25), Pink Memory (dropping by eleven to no. 26), and even AOA’s Heart Attack at no 40.  Lion Heart settles at no. 43.

Yeah yeah, bitch on about all your digital sales at 3am on MelOn or whatever the hey.  It’s really surprising to me that so few people want to pony up for a full-length 8NSD album with a trophy-hauling megahit on it.  Yes, physical is hardly everything– some might want to push it as an anachronism.  But screw them.  K-pop albums are objets d’art, besides the fact that I don’t believe one’s music collection should ever be left to the vagaries of the interwebz.  And it’s a sigh of true devotion in the fandom.  So where is SNSD’s hardcore faithful for this?  8NSD is a decadent brand.  Not Caligula-decadent, obviously, but artistically decadent– faketastic, weary, stale, going through the motions, circling the drain.


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