Happy Birthday Mijoo!

Lovelyz’ “Juliet” turns 21!



Even as we absorb “Shooting Star” and the world awaits the ‘formal’ comeback with “Ah Choo” and the delivery of the Lovelyz8 album, finally bringing Lovelyz back to its Platonic Absolute Form!

Hopefully we can get a MelOn premiere showcase with Jisoo restored to “Hi”!  And a new “Secret Box” or other Pops in Seoul presentation with Mijoo and Jisoo and Baby Soul and Jiae and Yein and Kei and Sujeong and Jin all together and teasing and laughing and sharing revelations of one another’s secret dreams and hidden habits and cute optimism!  Daebak!

Lovelyz Kei (left) and Mijoo

Lovelyz Kei (left) and Mijoo

–Well, I don’t think anyone’s done more than one Secret Box but they should certainly do Pops in Seoul if they haven’t alread– oh, I better check on that.

Anyway, God bless you Mijoo and preserve all your youthful vitality and innocence as Lovelyz returns with more holy girl group awesomeness in the days ahead!  And may we all prove worthy of such great gifts.  Mijoo hwaiting!



  1. An mnet Mijoo “fancam”:

  2. Actually, these need to be standard procedure for all Idol Birthdays going forward:

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