“f**king Jews”: Ann Coulter said it!

Joining the illustrious rank of Secretary of State James Baker, Ann Coulter gets f**king fed up with J*ws J*ws J*ws.  Vox Day reports:

The reason Ann’s remarks are resonating is that a large majority of Americans don’t give a flying fuck about what apparently is the primary concern of about one in fifty people presently living in America. And the fact that so many presidential candidates care more about what concerns one in fifty Americans than what concerns the other forty-nine is indicative of a serious problem.

You don’t have to hate Israel or Jews, you don’t even have to mildly dislike them, to not want your own political leaders to be observably more concerned about their interests than yours. And if Republicans don’t like observers criticizing them for always talking about Israel, perhaps they should talk about something of considerably more concern to most Americans, such as the massive immigrant invasion.

–I too stand with Ann.  Ethnocentricism is a far better thing for Europe and its offshoots than for a small pack of high-functioning gypsies.  In any event, the Ashkenazi gypsies have their little island, and they can hop right to it and keep it if they can, but they don’t get a veto over what happens here.  Indeed, considering the risible notion of “dual citizenship”, it’s fair to say that a great many Jews should be peremptorily bereft of their “right” to get a vote on what happens here.  America is a White nation, or it is nothing.  Get a life, Jews.


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  1. Eric · · Reply

    I don’t know which is worse; the fake Conservatives’ obsessions with Israel or the fake Liberals’ obsessions with fags.

    Actually the two points are probably connected: both have a common dislike for Christians.

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