Talmudism: “A toxic ideology of revolution, deception and world racial supremacy”

Those White Nationalists types who once dismissed Laura Wood as some sort of Babel-on Philo-Semite should probably take notice.  I admit, even I’m a bit shocked (in the most bracing, soul-bestirred sort of way) by the vigor of her stance:

Oh my dear goodness, you are gravely misinformed about current events.

Let me try to enlighten you further in the future. I feel partly to blame for your ignorance. I am partly to blame.

Let me just say that all of the problems you mention, from the refugee crisis in the Middle East to open borders in America to the execution of millions of American babies in the womb to the outrageous silence of the heretics who have taken over the infrastructure of the Catholic Church, all of these problems and more, would not exist without the decisive influence of Talmudism, a toxic ideology of revolution, deception and world racial supremacy. Of course, the cowardice and faithlessness of Catholics must take a great share of the blame. Jewish racial supremacy and revolution, the work of a very small number of Jews, enter the breach in civilization caused by indifferent Catholics.

Wake up. You are blind.

Muslims do not control our banks and their system of debt slavery. Muslims do not control our media. Muslims do not control our government. There are no Muslims on the Supreme Court mandating “gay marriage.” Are you blind? The refugee crisis was caused by the wars in the Middle East, by our intervention, which would likely not have occurred without the influence of Israel. The Iran deal is not a disaster. It is a glimmer of hope. The American government has shaken off a small portion of the chains which strangle it. The Jews leaving Europe have a country to go to which is taking no refugees other than Jews, in fact it bars non-Jews from entering, and is happy to have them. The most dangerous country in the Middle East and in the world is Israel, bar none, and if anything should keep you awake at night it should be that a state built on racial pride and vengeance, already abundantly and breathtakingly exhibited on 9/11 and in Palestine, possesses nuclear weapons.

–I can’t speculate as to what Larry Auster knows or thinks from the Beyond, but Wood has seemingly radicalized-upon-Reaction, if such a thing is even possible, in recent months.  And she’s had something of the same effect upon me.

Of course, the staggering realization that Sandy Hook is a quotidian Judeo-Alphabet Soup black psy-op will do that to you.  When you have to face facts that the United States of America is either a) a Leninist Deep State perpetuating astounding Big Lies in preparation for full-bore tyranny; or b) the Kingdom of Antichrist, well–

–Now, maybe there are enough innocent hands that don’t know what the guilty hands are doing that  some sort of semblance of a Republic can be spared out of the wreckage of our bloated bureaucratic empire.  Maybe, you might say, it was only the overeager sorts inside NSA and DHS and CIA (for argument’s sake, maybe they were all Talmud readers?) who pulled off Sandy Hook and Charleston and WDBJ, and maybe their power can be squelched, even if they don’t come to justice.  If, of all things, a President Trump can build a border wall (even if we have to pay for it), if he can pull the Neo-Cons out of Ukraine and Syria, if he can encourage the nations of Europe to elect and pursue patriotic policies and leaders who secure their own borders and expel the murderous horde of riffraff stabbing Christendom in the neck– perhaps Armageddon can be delayed.  “Things can change very quickly,” we often say in the Alt-Right sphere; and, if tear gas in Hungary can only keep tearing up the eyes of uninvited infidel hordes, this horror could pass us by.  Even Talmud readers might decide to abscond quietly away to some sort of place where (one can only hope!) they wouldn’t do much harm to others.  Safe behind a wall, free from the fearful wiles of blonde pigs and peasants– oh, who wouldn’t wish it for them?

But I doubt the Talmud readers will lose this hour without copius hand-wringing, guilt-shaming, and more insidious perfidies too.



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