Some further stunning revelations of the fakeness of pedo-face gaywad fake boyfriend of slain reporter Alison whatshernut, this guy Chris Hurst:


Sofia Smallstorm is an expert analyst on Sandy Hook, and on the whole her work on these government conspiracies is expert.  In the full-length version of this interview, though, she suggests that Alison Parker and the Sandy Hook parents, etc., may be victims of (in so many words) an Operation Monarch-type brainwashing.

Now, this could be true– after all, how can the ultimate archons of these conspiratorial acts rely upon their tools to remain faithful to their treasonous plots?  But she also suggests that brainwashing implantation of multiple personalities makes them convincing actors– which is something that doesn’t sit well with her own work on Sandy Hook, which shows the Sandy Hook parents doing a lot of blatantly fake and emotionally unpersuasive acting.

On the other hand, something interesting she mentions in that interview may have compelled her in this direction, an anecdote she’s received from a source (she appears to trust) inside the household of one of the Sandy Hook couples.  I’ll leave it to another time to annotate the full interview, but it’s a fascinating story, which even Sofia concedes sounds exceptionally strange.  Even so, I wonder if we should interpret that story as simply bluffing on the part of the mother, rather than the kind of Stepford-y blank-out Smallstorm suggests it was.  But then, I assume her source gave her a full description, perhaps a dramatization too.  Not that I think Smallstorm has forgotten about the bad acting at Sandy Hook, but I’ll note this new ambivalence (as I see it) in her approach.  The brainwashing may be real, but with all the cash flow out to Sandy Hook and Charleston “survivors” it seems inconsistent.  Why bribe people who are already Manchurian Candidates?  You could just leave them poor and content.

Perhaps it’s sly of Smallstorm and SGT not to harp on young Chris’s huge gaydar ping, but then, that “boyfriend” Freudian slip is such a weird whopper I actually missed it myself the first time I watched the interview!

As Laura Wood has started wondering aloud, it is as if the sheer hoakyness, the transparency of the hoax, is not a bug but a feature.


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