Propaganda Colors of Benetton: Putting Turds in Your Daughter’s Bowl from IKEA

Benetton presents their Fall 2015 Kids’ Collection, themed “Follow Me to Stockholm”!  So cute:


What could possibly go wrong?

catalogue_kids_benetton_autumn_2015_22 - Copy

–Now, in complete fairness:  the vast majority of this large catalog of photos displays a mostly Nordic-centric Stockholm, minus one frizzy-haired mystery meat girl and a possibly East Asian, possibly young Bjork girl.

HOWEVER:  this is the only photo I can find in the entire series that presents an unambiguously mixed-gender display.  In almost every other photograph it is either all girls or all boys.  There is no image of Nordic girls touching cheeks with blonde boys, or indeed any image of white boys touching cheeks with any girls at all.

So draw your own conclusions.  It may be “subtle”, and it may be (for Benetton) restrained; and of course the vast majority of liberals and cuckservatives will protest that it is only “cute”.  But sticking a lovely Nordic child cheek to cheek with an ugly ass negro (they’re all ugly, certainly compared to blonde people) and a damn Arab for sloppy seconds, is disgusting.

No white girl wants to play with smelly-ass, can’t-follow-the-rules turd world foreigners.  Which is what these riff-raff are.  Benetton may have played it safe by featuring them only a couple of times in the lengthy catalog– but then, that makes this dreadful decision all the more prominent and egregious.

Contra Benetton’s implications, these “cute”-only-for-Somalia brown beggars are not this girl’s future.  We’ll kill and die before we let the Benettons of the world have the final say and swamp Europe out with rape genes.  Make Europe White Again.


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