Whores for the Immivasion of Europe

Among the updates from the poor sad few blogs I follow, my “action center” or whatever it calls itself gives me tendentious updates from WordPress on non-wordpress related matters like gay rights conferences and now:  “On the Run: Blogging the European Refugee Crisis”, a “round-up” of All Liberal, All The Time propaganda in favor of the poor refugees, their poor boats, the poor of Calais, while deploring the heartlessness of Europe (which, according to some whore named Claire Squires is “itself made of transplants, migrants, and refugees”, a claim less persuasive than the one that Africa is made of apes, gorillas, and talking chimps).

Well, my response is this:  Jews in government bombed Libya and work to destroy Syria.  Jews in Western states work assiduously to let these rapists, thugs, murderers, and unemployable riffraff into white societies in order to inflict terror, rape, and destructive gene flow upon the native white (post-)Christian population.  Arab nations do nothing to take in these “refugees”.  Israel does nothing to take in these “refugees”.  Apparently nothing is done to sort out the fate of the Christian refugees, who by far have the worst of what is happening now in the Middle East, what with the anti-Christian ethnic cleansing imposed by ISIS in Syria and Iraq.  That, too, we may say, is largely a responsibility of powerful Jews, who do nothing to descry or halt this religious persecution.  The incumbent President of Syria has always given those Christians sanction, and Western governments work relentlessly to destroy him.

But the majority of these “refugees” are not even refugees in name.  They flee no particular oppression but only seek free money and white pussy, and are sentimental enough to travel back to their charming homelands like Somalia at their whim and our tax dollars.  The African filth that besots Europe does not belong there, and ANY AND ALL measures to be rid of them are entirely morally justified.  These genetically inferior bums are an existential threat to the greatest civilization ever known, and must be removed, even if this entails their destruction.  “Refugee” boats can and should be sunk.  African ports can and should be mined.  The Calais “refugees” can and should be removed at gunpoint, with as many shots fired as necessary to motivate their lazy ankles.  The gang rapists of Oslo and Malmo and Stockholm deserve to be burned at the stake.  And the left-wing bleeding heart subliterate “poetesses” and unemployable nurses who weep over “refugees” dead on beaches white people pay good money to visit on holiday should be ridiculed and shamed– at the least.

Where, pray tell, was Turkey’s affluent Muslim leadership when a Syrian refugee wretch died on her shores?  Why the fuck doesn’t Muslim Turkey, with NATO’s third largest air force, take these people in?  Even if the Syrians are Christians– isn’t Turkey EU?  Isn’t Turkey NATO?  Don’t they want “respectability”?

The solution to Syria’s civil war is for Presidents Assad and Putin to destroy ISIS and humiliate America’s and Israel’s wretched schemes to secure Jewish empire.  The solution for any “African” humanitarian problem is to allow Africans to starve to death till they are back at a level their wretched genetic disendowment and climate can manage to support.  Unless they wish to trade the mineral wealth they can never exploit in exchange for the benefit of white rule– in which case they certainly must agree to remain in their ancestral homelands (without bitching) or be killed.  In either event, no blacks can be permitted upon European soil, and the disposition of African population levels must be set so as to prevent any spikes in the population of a useless subspecies– which, if anything, should be safely steered well into sub-replacement fertility levels, with the culling of the worst specimens so perhaps they can one day govern themselves in lives of modest flourishing but always, always, far away from white people, whose lives will be one endless crescendo of happiness once we are rid of their noxious, low-IQ  (and smelly!) presence.



  1. Eric · · Reply

    Well said—the hubris and hypocrisy of the American cultural elites has nearly pushed Greece into the BRIC, with Italy and Spain not far behind. France and Portugal are about one more foreign-induced riot away from being taken over by the military, with the full blessings of the population.

    1. A Gaullist coup d’état would be SUBLIME!

      Seriously, I need to add this to my nightly prayers. If God can help A Pink sell albums, He can help rid the world of Sarkozy and Hollande. France for the French!

      (not that I LITERALLY pray for “album sales”, but blessing A Pink implies that, obviously . . . )

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