A Pink On The Air

I just discovered MBC appears to have created a separate youtube channel (“MBC Music”) for Show Champion.  Or at least, this is where they’ve deposited the Comeback Stage billing “A Wonderful Life” with “Remember” and the other SC “Remember”s.  Why mbckpop wasn’t a fit home for both shows is beyond me, and to date the comeback stage for “Remember” boasts all of 8,026 views (mine makes 8,027), a paltry performance which probably would’ve improved by two orders of magnitude if only they’d uploaded it to the familiar and high-traffic mbckpop channel, but– oh well . . . .

And from the post-viewing menu of What To Watch Nexts that show up at the end of “Remember”, I find that KBS also has (yet) another channel, this one boasting this On The Radio run-thru for “Remember”:

The spastic zooms and paper-shredder editing tricks aside, this is pretty entertaining.  Why is this studio built like a kindergarten classroom?  I don’t know, but it’s actually rather likeable.  It gives A Pink a whimsical, somewhat storybook-like ambiance (I sometimes like to imagine A Pink as magic cats who transform into “girls” on the occasional whim).  Hayoung endures a little throat-clearing cough, with pats of encouragement from Eunji in the aftermath.  Naeun and Bomi are both in the full glory of their Comeback Week dye jobs, and since Bomi’s pink tresses are more instantly attention-grabbing, it’s well to note how gorgeously statuesque Naeun’s luxurious blonde mane was.  Also statuesque is Naeun’s comparative gravity when her bandmates are wiggling and giggling.  It’s amusing to see Naeun, as Lead Visual, maintain the decorum when all around her are spazing around.

Poor Namjoo, why’d she get stuck with a mismatched pair of street headphones when everybody else is rocking the official studio versions?



  1. They are rather like nymphs, they do seem to have a magical aura about them.

    Or maybe it’s just femininity—something the West doesn’t produce anymore.

    1. Femininity is, in its essence, magical, and my beloved A Pink are

      “Whispering in enamoured tone
      Sweet oracles of woods and dells,
      And summer winds in sylvan cells;”

      as a heathen poet once put it.

      In other news: Dalrock has banned (again) da GBFM!

  2. Eric · · Reply

    LOL—yes I saw that about GB4M—start saying that Game’s not taught in the Bible and Dalrock’s quick with the Thunderbolt of Excommunication!

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