My K-pop News-Monitoring Methods Are Officially As Broken As the Global Economy

How long has the rest of the world known that Jisoo officially will return with Lovelyz, and that Lovelyz is making an imminent comeback, and that the title of their new album is Lovelyz8?

August 26th.

When did I find out all this had happened?



I just don’t understand . . . .  Don’t I check the soompi and allkpop homepages every day before I go out?  Don’t I religiously monitor them just in case some awful catastrophe like the Ladies’ Code tragedy takes place?  And don’t I reasonably expect them to highlight somewhere in the banner headlines or in the “most popular article” bar or just anyplace scrolling down the homepage’s list of fresh articles something as YUGE as this?!?

So Woollim Ent announces Jisoo’s return and a new album title, then the Lovelyz members start releasing daily individual teaser photos– and ALL THIS ACTIVITY I NEVER CAUGHT A PEEP OF.

Granted:  there was a death in the family last weekend.  Granted, I’ve been out of town for a couple of days for the funeral.  [Update:  And looking back, I realize the WDBJ shooting took place when the Lovelyz announcement was released.] So maybe had I been home I would’ve caught sight of this a bit sooner.

But August 26th?!  How in the world could I miss this?

It’s catastrophically close to me just tuning in one night for Show! Music Core and suddenly seeing Lovelyz take the stage with a new comeback single!  Possibly in the second week of promotions!

This just devastates me.  This huge resolution to a year-long K-pop “scandal”, something I’ve been worrying and wishing over all this long time.  Jisoo finally returns!  Lovelyz will be even greater than we’ve ever seen them!  And the comeback, surely the last truly great musical event of the year!!  And a steady stream of teaser photos from my official Third Favorite Band In The World (minus A Pink and T-ara).  All these riches– and I was blind and deaf and dumb to it all.  And, but for the grace of God, and soompi finally leaving out a Lovelyz article on the homepage when I checked it, I might still be oblivious, even as we close in on the momentous release of what will surely be another anthemically epic pop masterpiece.

kei _1440688192_lovelyz allkpop Lovelyz8 comeback

I’m going to just have to start checking the Wikipedia pages for all my favorite bands every single day, or every other day, just to make sure something isn’t about to happen.  That’s actually how I found out about Lovelyz8, the new album title.  Only then did I find that allkpop’s been releasing all these teaser photos and articles.  But why the hell weren’t they on the homepage?  What is all this irrelevant bullshit about GFriend and Clara and all these unloved nugu nonentities crowding out REAL NEWS?!?

I hate myself right now for this failure, but I hate allkpop and soompi for failing me.  Damn your promiscuous non-news articles and your failure to highlight what OBJECTIVELY is one of the biggest stories of the year (Jisoo returns!!!).

God bless Lovelyz8, and God save me from missing any more News I Have To Use.


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