Apocalypse Wow

At Vox Day, commenter Brigadon writes:

The fact that you can ‘follow the money’ of virtually every destructive trend makes this culture of greed clearly apparent. Gay Marriage? Lawyers, politicians, and the media have cashed in on this cash cow from day 1. Immigration? There are many people getting rich off of lowered wages, easy votes, and stripping the economic infrastructure of the Euroamerican culture. Immorality of all sorts? successfully transferring resources to those inequipped to manage them. Welfare state? Ask a food conglomerate some time to choose NOT to take EBT cards… and get laughed out of the office, food stamps are the primary drivers behind food prices. White males being the ‘designated enemy’ of all progressives? White males are the last ones providing any resources that can be stripped… when the ‘Progressives’ succeed in turning white males into the underclass, all economic activity will cease, the golden goose will stop moving, and the destruction will be complete… and the ‘progressives’ cannot see that their greed will have finally led them to kill that golden goose.

I,  frankly, am looking forward to seeing what happens when the greedy masses have finally killed the golden goose. Let Immigration continue. Vote for Hillary Clinton. Vote for gay privilege, SJW causes, and the greed agenda. I am hoping their world falls apart while I am still young enough to thrive in the horror that always follows the fall of an empire. I want to see New York yuppies starving to death in the streets, greedy blacks in gang wars over a chicken, gated liberal communities aflame and overrun by looters. I want to see bankers and day traders hanging like Pinatas from every lamp post. I want to watch rednecks and farmers building walls and shooting anyone that comes close. I want to see ‘citizen militias’ popping up and murdering anyone that tries to encourage ‘humanism’ and ‘decency’. I want to see firey crosses decorating every Lawn, duels in the streets, and a three-way skirmish between latinos, gangster rappers, and angry rags shouting ‘allahu Akbar”.

Like Nero, I have my fiddle ready, and am prepared to enjoy the horror.

–That all does sound pretty exciting.  But I’m a little worried about what sort of perch I can secure to watch it all on television.  Maybe an underground volcano mountaintop fortress?  Otherwise, it sounds just a bit too hairy for my bowstrings.

I better start collecting more ninjas . . . .


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