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“I often question their so-called intelligence”

–writes commenter nemesis, at the top of the long thread at irishsavant’s piece on Jewish domination of BBC programming: I often question their so-called intelligence. Very often. In addition to the tribe making the same mistakes over and over and over, they flaunt with maniacal glee their “ownership” of a country that is in pitiful […]

Kei Can’t Bear to Look, but: Always positive, princess-mind!

Part two of the Lovelyz street-recognition test finds Baby Soul, Mijoo, Kei, and Yein taking to the dim Seoul streets to try their charms on unsuspecting passersby while the others bark encouragement and commands from inside the van! An especially lustrous Kei in a magnificent red coat looks staggeringly well throughout, and we get to […]

The type of person most targeted

From GalliaWatch: If one could get elected on looks alone, Marion is a shoe-in. She is the physical embodiment of the type of person most targeted, most reviled by the anti-racists and immigrationists. Fair, blond, slim, traditionally educated, she symbolizes Catholic France, and is becoming, at her young age, a symbol too of hope for […]

Red Velvet in a room

Like Pops in Seoul’s “Secret Box”, but much louder and pointlessier. Dateability-wise, I’d say:  Wendy is waaaaayyy too “on”.  And yes, I already know she went to school in Canada, and I complimented her “racist” impressions back when, but her English interjections are somehow unnerving.  Yeri is, ahem, too young, so let’s move on.  Although […]

Cheap Labor Turns Your Country to Shit

From Robert C. Allen: Bare-bones subsistence has further implications for social wellbeing and economic progress. First, people living on the bare-bones diet are short. The average height of Italians who enlisted in the Habsburg army fell from 167 cm to 162 cm as their diet shifted from bread to polenta. In contrast, English soldiers in […]

Hey SONEs, “Lion Heart” just dropped 33 spots on the GAON album charts

You would think, with all those trophies for “Lion Heart”, this new album would be a huge winner.  In fact, it’s being outsold by Red Velvet’s previous album Ice Cream Cake (at no. 25), Pink Memory (dropping by eleven to no. 26), and even AOA’s Heart Attack at no 40.  Lion Heart settles at no. […]

Happy Birthday Mijoo!

Lovelyz’ “Juliet” turns 21!   Even as we absorb “Shooting Star” and the world awaits the ‘formal’ comeback with “Ah Choo” and the delivery of the Lovelyz8 album, finally bringing Lovelyz back to its Platonic Absolute Form! Hopefully we can get a MelOn premiere showcase with Jisoo restored to “Hi”!  And a new “Secret Box” or […]

Firing Jessica Jung Was Satanic

The wound that will never heal– you can say I live a privileged life (and I do)–but aesthetics is still morality too, and the immorality of firing Jessica rent a hole in the beauty-loving heart that only the Second Coming will close.  Every time– every damn time— I see this, the pit of my stomach […]

Loooks Like Lovelyz Will Do It Again

The whimsical, colorful, exuberant, possibly euphoric teaser for forthcoming Lovelyz dance-pop single “Ah Choo”: Ah!– which likely will prove euphoric when we hear the actual music.  Lovelyz8, united and wondrous, ready to hit the stage with their third promotional single (and probably some stages for “Shooting Star” too!).  Lovelyz hwaiting!

“f**king Jews”: Ann Coulter said it!

Joining the illustrious rank of Secretary of State James Baker, Ann Coulter gets f**king fed up with J*ws J*ws J*ws.  Vox Day reports: The reason Ann’s remarks are resonating is that a large majority of Americans don’t give a flying fuck about what apparently is the primary concern of about one in fifty people presently […]

Talmudism: “A toxic ideology of revolution, deception and world racial supremacy”

Those White Nationalists types who once dismissed Laura Wood as some sort of Babel-on Philo-Semite should probably take notice.  I admit, even I’m a bit shocked (in the most bracing, soul-bestirred sort of way) by the vigor of her stance: Oh my dear goodness, you are gravely misinformed about current events. Let me try to […]

OMGZ! Roger Federer to the US Open Finals!

Yeah, I don’t really “follow” tennis– but it just overjoys me to google in on Roger Federer and see that he’s STILL kicking some ass. Roger Federer’s done more in tennis since that SOB John McEnroe declared his career over than John McEnroe ever did in his whole life. [Ed.:  Who the hell is “John […]

Wising Up to “Dumb Dumb”: Separating Seulgi from Irene, with thoughts on the Red Velvet single

Some months ago, I spent an evening watching these mnet “fancam” videos focusing on all the Red Velvet members in turn doing “Ice Cream Cake”.  On and on, over and over, I watched and I was yugely entertained.  Even though I’ve never quite warmed to “Ice Cream Cake” as pure music, I reveled in Red […]

A Neon “Luv” On An Icecube Heart Inside A Star Full of Falling Feathers

–I don’t know what it means, but it’s a sublime backdrop for this sublime performance of what perhaps is popular music’s most sublime song. Back to doing what I do best: marathoning A Pink and Lovelyz performances.  Ah, what a life!  

September 11th: Three Towers Fell

I took three dumps today.  I really hate that kind of living. Anyway, the first two dumps might be explained by hot coffee fires in my belly following the impact of cheeseburgers, but the third dump– well . . . . That was an inside job.  Controlled demolition. Well, barely controlled, I admit.  Anyway, something […]


Some further stunning revelations of the fakeness of pedo-face gaywad fake boyfriend of slain reporter Alison whatshernut, this guy Chris Hurst: Wow. Sofia Smallstorm is an expert analyst on Sandy Hook, and on the whole her work on these government conspiracies is expert.  In the full-length version of this interview, though, she suggests that Alison […]

The Lovelyz8 Teaser: “Shooting Star”

The Lovelyz Show Champion “Hi” Comeback Stage

Against a barrage of flowers and sailing hot air balloons, Lovelyz grace the wide open stage of Show Champion with their “Hi” comeback!: Sadly, MBC’s independent youtube channel for Show Champion has left this performance to languish almost unacknowledged by the world (an unforced error, MBC); but let us embrace these lovely minutes with Lovelyz […]

(Four-sixths of) T-ara Unplugged!

T-ara’s mysterious exile from iTunes continues (I pray this only presages a full suite of their discography becoming available soon), but here Hyomin, Qri, Boram, and Soyeon wow with a live sing-through of their So Good midtempo ballad “For You”: –Dear Lord, I’m missing out!!  Bring T-ara back to iTunes asap and let’s get to […]

“Hi”s and “Cupid”

I suddenly realized that that newly-discovered ersatz channel MBC’s made to exile Show Champion‘s broadcasts to must have a trove of Lovelyz performances, and it turns out I’m not mistaken– FOUR, COUNT ‘EM FOUR previously unseen performances of “Hi” for me to savor!  OMG!  So I watched two of them and watched the second one […]

Propaganda Colors of Benetton: Putting Turds in Your Daughter’s Bowl from IKEA

Benetton presents their Fall 2015 Kids’ Collection, themed “Follow Me to Stockholm”!  So cute: What could possibly go wrong? –Now, in complete fairness:  the vast majority of this large catalog of photos displays a mostly Nordic-centric Stockholm, minus one frizzy-haired mystery meat girl and a possibly East Asian, possibly young Bjork girl. HOWEVER:  this is […]

A Year in the Afterlife of Ladies’ Code

Last September 7th, after days of grief and anxious awaiting, Ladies’ Code’s comatose RiSe joined bandmate EunB in departing this world, leaving behind a shattered Sojung, Zuny, and Ashley and the early remains of what was one of K-pop’s most promising young careers. One year later, they are missed and mourned.  We pause to recollect […]

Whores for the Immivasion of Europe

Among the updates from the poor sad few blogs I follow, my “action center” or whatever it calls itself gives me tendentious updates from WordPress on non-wordpress related matters like gay rights conferences and now:  “On the Run: Blogging the European Refugee Crisis”, a “round-up” of All Liberal, All The Time propaganda in favor of […]

A Pink On The Air

I just discovered MBC appears to have created a separate youtube channel (“MBC Music”) for Show Champion.  Or at least, this is where they’ve deposited the Comeback Stage billing “A Wonderful Life” with “Remember” and the other SC “Remember”s.  Why mbckpop wasn’t a fit home for both shows is beyond me, and to date the […]

My K-pop News-Monitoring Methods Are Officially As Broken As the Global Economy

How long has the rest of the world known that Jisoo officially will return with Lovelyz, and that Lovelyz is making an imminent comeback, and that the title of their new album is Lovelyz8? August 26th. When did I find out all this had happened? Yesterday. GRRRGHRRRRHHHRRHH I just don’t understand . . . .  […]

Apocalypse Wow

At Vox Day, commenter Brigadon writes: The fact that you can ‘follow the money’ of virtually every destructive trend makes this culture of greed clearly apparent. Gay Marriage? Lawyers, politicians, and the media have cashed in on this cash cow from day 1. Immigration? There are many people getting rich off of lowered wages, easy […]

Past Is Prologue: Lovelyz Returns With Jisoo

The longed-for and delayed glorious event– so hoped-for at the dawn of “Hi”, then suddenly wrenched from view– at last is upon us, and the eight-member Lovelyz always meant to be finally will be on stage. Girl group Lovelyz has been through many ups and downs ever since their debut because of malicious rumors that […]

Red Velvet Comeback

Well, the ghastly overhyped K-pop Summer Of Summer is finally over.  Now 8NSD is left ROBBING AN EMPTY HOUSE–yes you heard me, you little SONE bitches, your overthehill idols are just hanging around with their shitty Disneypop crap raking in trophies because AOA and SISTAR and Girl’s Day and glorious APINK aren’t around to kick […]