A Pink’s Prize Performance on Music Bank: “Remember” 20150731

Well, it’s only been a month, and yet here I am in such a retrospective and admittedly melancholy mood.  September is almost upon us– and while the heat won’t get swept out just yet, the blessed season of Autumn, which always fills me with delightment and zealous anticipation, will begin to steal upon us with every mysteriously crisper afternoon sky.

Anyway, this Music Bank recording is a helpful antidote to some of the more potentially glum aspects of “Remember”, and its also a good indication why KBS, even with its vaguely grungy photographic textures, has become pretty much my go-to resource of first resort for live K-pop pleasure.  You get all these remote-control crane shots sweeping in for closeups (usually as part of some rapturously long single take), plus you get nicely proportioned longer shots that hold for the choreography.  This performance, for instance, really lets us savor the energy and enthusiasm of that instant-classic jump-roping chorus, as well as the cheery cuteness of Namjoo’s childishly layered stockings and Hayoung’s ever-beaming smile.  I do love Inkigayo’s aesthetic too, but this performance really captures more vitality than probably any of the Inkigayo stages I surveyed last night.

And yet:  KBS World TV still has not got around to uploading the Comeback Special.  In keeping with their usual practice, this should encompass the “Attracted To U” and “Remember” performances back-to-back, with Eng Sub, and run about 8 minutes long– and if and, praise God, when they finally release it, it will almost certainly be THE audiovisual “document” of K-pop in Summer 2015.

I’ve already seen the “Attracted To U” performance, as uploaded (at a mere 480 rate) by some nugu on youtube, and it is, if anything, even more astounding than the awesome M! Countdown performance.  A mindblowing circular shot over the seated girls that runs almost a minute; Namjoo with softer hair; a rose petal LCD screensaver.  It’s just tremendous.  I don’t even know whether I’ve cheated into watching the “Remember” comeback stage or not, it’s so hard to keep track.  Probably I did, but it is imperative that KBS take care to officially and in HD upload this monumental set so that we may bathe our souls in its pristine magnificence, forever.

DO IT, KBS!!!!

Anyway, congratulations once more to the girls for this, the climactic win of “Remember”s brief but 3-trophy strong streak in this uber-packed Summer ’15 K-pop field.  I hope the industry will never try a schedule like this again, and I hope Fall and Winter will be full of beautiful things.  An A Pink Christmas comeback is probably an insane wish, but would February be too late?  Ah, A Pink in Winter!  “Remember” is glorious, and yet I pray to live to see A Pink release new music in a season of snow, once more!


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