N*gg*s in Asmera

Vox Day commenter RC writes:

We must stop immigration because it greatly contributes to global warming. According to the World Bank, per capita energy use in the U.S. is over 4x what it is in Mexico. If you look at Guatemala, it’s even more stark at 10x. Except for Icelanders, each and every single person that immigrates to the U.S increases CO2 in the atmosphere, further contributing to the destruction of the world through Global Warming. There is no time left to reason or investigate. Every day adds to our peril. The only way to save the world is to deport all immigrants to Eritrea immediately as they use only 2% of the energy of the average person in America. Save the world! Deport!

–Of course, Eritrea is on the other side of the continent from which our American Africans hail, but that sort of complication has never stopped blacks from considering themselves descended from Pharaohs, and Eritrea is pretty damn close to Egypt!

So Eritrea should make a fine destination for American Africans to cool down, reduce consumption, and even, with any luck, thin out their herd to something more like a 92 IQ.  Hell, they might even start playing jazz again!

Though that wouldn’t mean they get to come back here on tour.


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