Shameful Affections: K-domites Abuse “LUV”

Commenter MajorSeventh links** us to a curious interlude at a homosexual “pride” event in South Korea, in which the participants apparently spouted off an a capella version of A Pink’s monumental megahit “LUV” in supposed defense of their  lifestyle.

Pearls before swine, so I won’t linger over this outrage.  I do wonder, though, if the sodomtivists were, in the typically dreary fashion of the day, appropriating the song because it carries the word “love”–there being an enormouf*** faith in the Westernized world that “love” is an argument for everything–, or whether they were consciously abusing A Pink because they are the emblem of everything Good, Great, and Pure.

Possibly only the former, because the article at asia(n?)junkie only confirms what I’ve long noted about Western reaction to A Pink, which is that they totally don’t get them.  I doubt Westerners in general (in their present degraded condition) could get A Pink; but certainly the fags and fag-hags who account themselves the poptimist avant-garde and scribble about K-pop from the United States of Gommorah do not get A Pink at all.  Which is why it’s no surprise to me that some of them seemed even embarrassed about their fellow rainbowites appropriating a song they regard as “””basic”””.

How people can be so musically tone-deaf is beyond me; but if you read these people at all you almost immediately realize that all they care for in K-pop is Hyuna and Lee Hyori and Hello Venus doing “Wiggle Wiggle” and, in the absence of overt sexuality or trashiness, anything they can at least “ship” (preferably in gaywad style) or else turn into kitsch or camp.  They might approve of 4Minute overall, but they’ll relentlessly trash Jihyun, who is classically beautiful but not “fierce” and therefore contemned.  These same idiots doubtless think Beyoncé records are better than Pet Sounds, so it’s pointless to attempt to engage them on any subject relating to Absolute Music.  All their musical appreciation amounts to is throwing around queerific patois like “slay”.

I’m reminded of the comments at youtube for BESTie’s “Excuse Me” mv, in which, at the end, Haeryung and the girls discover, by way of their magic X-ray specs, that all the cute guys around them are gaywads.

As portrayed in the video, I’d say the attitude toward homosexuality is at least mildly contemptuous; but regardless, in the comments many viewers fell all over themselves trying to argue that the video was blahblah promoting social justice yaddayadda “make gay ok” [NB:  Amazing they think that propaganda brainwashing public opinion constitutes settling a moral issue].  For my part, I’d just as soon K-pop avoid anything hinting at homosexuality, but since that’s not completely the case, the next best thing would be for K-artists to come out of the closet as patriotic reactionaries eager to close Korea off from foreigners and foreign devil influence.

If Trump can do for America what Putin does for Russia, perhaps– God willing– the awful tide of Davos-mandated soy and circuses worldwide can be reversed.  Northeast Asia may already be the destined bastion against Global Gramscianism’s horror, but it’ll be a happy day when those governments come out publicly and absolve themselves of the American military, the American financial system, and the whole deadly gamut of false works that floods from Hollywood, Manhattan, and Harvard.  And yes, that includes giving the ESL shock troops their marching orders homeward– no more pushing sentimental SJW garbage down the throats of the Yellow Goy,  a**holes.  If Eric and I have to marry buck-toothed brunette 6s from Appalachia, so be it.  I want Korea pure– and hopefully, a purer world entire.

While Western liberals and, sadly, Westernized Asian-Americans try to cajole and hustle conservative Korea (they say that like it’s a bad thing) into conformity with their EUSSA Judeo-Jaffa Memo Babylon Antichrist Superstar One World Whore-ershow [Ed.:  You forgot the coconut!], America and the EU continue to circle the drain of economic crash, Divine Retribution, and a Cold Civil War that’s getting hotter.

As to the homos among us, I recall the sentiment of beloved right-wing gay icon BigGaySteve, the famous Vox Day commenter, who once paraphrased an old liturgy along these lines:

“First they came for the blacks, and because I was not black, I did nothing.

“Then they came for the Jews, and because I was not a Jew, I did nothing.

“Then they stopped coming after people, because once they got rid of the blacks and the Jews, they realized all their problems were pretty much solved.”

For my part, I’m perfectly willing to keep my nose out of other people’s anuses, depilated or otherwise, and leave that sort of thing up to God.  Except that I should note this means:  A) rolling back the legal and moral monstrosity of homogamy utterly; B) keeping all homosexual propaganda, including heartwarming tales of “diverse families” and the stork who brought gay mens’ “sons” from Somalia, away from children; C) banning “Pride Parades”; D) banning gay “adoption”; E) banning medically-facilitated surrogacy (just throwing that one in there, in case:  now, if you want to keep  a concubine under your roof, I guess that’s your heartache, but don’t expect me to validate forcing bastard spawn upon your legitimate children); F) legalizing conversion therapy; and indeed G) encouraging homosexuals to at least try straight sex in the hopes of siring (healthy, I hope) biological children and decreasing the same-sex notch count.

I add that last because, in a sort of reactionary appropriation of Camille Paglia (who supports the voluntary use of conversion therapy), I think it’s sensible to argue that, by creating a militant culture of “heteronormativity”, we  promote the real happiness of homosexuals too (not that the “happiness” of a minority of 1.5% of people should count anyway).  If a gay man who otherwise would f**k 17,000 men and leave no children behind to wipe his (miraculously plague-free) ass when he’s old could instead be encouraged to sire two children upon a fondly-regarded beard and decrease his anal notch-count by an order of magnitude, he would thereby f**k only 1,700 same-sex asses and have two children to tolerate him on Sunday afternoons at the nursing home.  A good trade?

I humbly submit that exchanging the amyl nitrate(-trite?)-clouded memories of 15,300 momentary Butt Buddies for the real live presence of two honest-to-god offspring is a very positive utilitarian tradeoff– to say nothing of the obvious transcendent superiority of having children instead of fleeting “pleasures”.  If you want homosexual persons to be at least tolerably happy-ish, then you should support militant heterosexual supremacism so gays can at least enjoy a tiny bit of the real happiness reserved for the vast majority of (healthy, normal) mankind.

PS.:  Of course, I’m diplomatically eliding over the fact that gay fathers are three times as likely to molest their own children as straight men, and lesbians are ten times more likely to molest their own children than straight women.  I said I’d leave it up to God– but if homosexuality really is caused by some kind of in utero virus, then we’re going to wipe that crap out.  At which point I expect gay child abuse to go through the roof because, like David Bowie in The Hunger, gays will fanatically prey upon children, desperately trying to keep their “community” going and supplied with willing flesh.  But then, there’s all too much reason to believe that’s how they roll already . . . .

** Curiously, after I read it the link doesn’t work for me.

***Fweudian slisp, but I fought I’d keep it since iss funny



  1. MajorSeventh · · Reply

    The AsianJunkie site has been up & down all week, and the link is working at this moment.

    I’m not a fan of them, but occasionally AJ covers Crayon Pop news and since CP stands outside of the trashy/pretty continuum, their coverage can be amusing. Crayon Pop went thru a promotion called their “delinquent unnies” period, and since they’re so cute they just came across as slightly bratty. But some fans ran with the idea and it morphed into a humorous fantasy that the band was an organized crime syndicate called “Way’s Girls”. Way herself fed into it by sharing an anecdote from her school days where she led a “gang” of 100 girls that beat the cr*p out of another girl for stealing somebody’s boyfriend. It’s not so far-fetched, the twins (Way & Choa) are high school dropouts (imagine how scandalous that must be in Asia), they did get their equivalency later and both have attended college since joining Crayon Pop, but Way in particular has a charisma I’ve seldom seen in a girl. She’s simultaneously girlish and slightly tom-boyish, and I get the distinct impression that if she wasn’t a pop star she’d be a cult leader. LOL

    “Then they stopped coming after people, because once they got rid of the blacks and the Jews, they realized all their problems were pretty much solved.” Not gonna lie, I LOL’d.

    Prior to 1984 I was broadly “gay-positive”. Working in the music industry, half of our clientele was LGBT so I got to see them up close. Strip away the political posturing that tends to completely replace their personalities, and they’re actually rather sad and pathetic. I think it’s a mental illness, which is how it was classified until the early ’70s (i.e. within my lifetime). Unhappy, unable to relate to the opposite sex on any meaningful level, or rather I should say, relate to anyone on a meaningful level, they spend their lives blaming everyone else for their unhappiness, even in cities like LA where their lifestyle is almost compulsory. I saw knock-down drag-out fights, and those were the lesbians.

    1. lolzl I’m probably only mid-140s or something– now that I mention it, the 154 is a Psychology Today online approximation, since the shrink was cagey about giving me my actual score (“the highest I’ve ever tested”, for what that’s worth, but it couldn’t have been a very busy practice).

      Don’t worry taking your time collating your thoughts. I’m afraid I might be putting you in the online equivalent of getting holed up in the corner of the bar arguing Wittgenstein while the party girls are taking sake shots out of each other’s butt dimples or something. Admittedly your presence is a boon to getting around to some of the wool-gathering posts I always mean to write but never do, but I won’t oblige you to ALWAYS take the bait! lol

      Harking back to one of the other comments threads, I misstated myself on the ‘audiophile’ question. What I meant to say, though I know I picked the wrong word, is: do audio engineers and producers fall into different camps over various technical approaches? Is it like cinematography, with your Vittorio Storaro’s on the one hand and Philippe Rousselots on the other, with different palettes, different lenses, and all sorts of ‘snobby’ (but I’m up for that) fighting words about rival approaches and lab processings and all that? The sort of argument where somebody goes, “Well, but then George Martin had to go turn Knob No. XKRG37b to 11 and just RUINED “Revolver”!!”?

      Esp. in the world of online music, I’m dogged by skepticism about the true quality of what I’m hearing (or let’s say the ‘truthiness’ of it); and, besides that, I’m willing to humor critiques of my idols’ efforts or where pop has just gone to pot completely. I mean, I’m sincerely enraptured by something like Rainbow’s “Black Swan”, but I can also guess that, besides the general public that didn’t like it, there may be room that– studiophiles?– might pick it to pieces. I’d still love it anyway, of course; but if a professional of Nixon-level IQ hears and thinks, “OMG, this is amateur hour!” then that’s something I’m willing to take into consideration.

  2. MajorSeventh · · Reply

    I didn’t have a chance to watch the BESTie video until now (sometimes I use my old computer that doesn’t have a sound card). Wow, that would never fly in the USA, where the reaction to homosexuality has to be ecstatically positive. What must be really hard to take for the sodomites is the fact that Asian attitudes are not really based on religious objections (you can’t scream “BIGOT!” at them), but rather the same visceral disgust that we all felt when we first became aware of them.

    My poor mother…in grade school, my peers were much more “with it” than I was, so I would have to ask my mom what certain insults meant. I was born in Portland Oregon and lived there until 1976, and in second grade I had my first black classmate (he must’ve been the first black I saw in person and not on TV). He called me a “n****r”. So off to my mom I went, to find out what it meant. She was mortified to hear that word from her son (sadly, she was fully on-board with snivel rights), but even she had to laugh when she found out that I was being called a “n****r”. I was blonde, blue-eyed and typically Nordic (my dad’s family is Norwegian, my mom’s side is Scotch/Irish). By sixth grade we were in California, and I had to ask my mom what “f*gg*t” meant. She said it was boys kissing other boys (she didn’t want to explain any deeper than that, and I can’t blame her!) The sick feeling in my stomach must’ve shown on my face because she laughed again. I was speechless. But I could see why it was such a deadly insult.

    My best friend is an older (65) lady from Taiwan, a fire-breathing conservative. When the SCOTUS ruling on sodomite marriage came down, there was a news story about the domino effect it might have on foreign countries, and it mentioned a bill that was stalled in the Taiwanese parliament that would would make it legal there too. The story claimed that the bill was “supported by the public” but had been blocked by “special interests” (sounds like the same propaganda we heard here in the USA, right?) I mentioned this bill to my friend, since the most she does is email.

    If you’ve ever lived on a farm like I have, you’ll know that chickens get bent out of shape rather easily…well, my friend reacted like a chicken that had been drop-kicked. She must’ve called everyone she knew on the island, and NOT A SINGLE ONE had heard of this bill, and of course they would oppose any such thing. While homosexuality isn’t unheard of, it’s considered to be deeply shameful, a mental illness, or even a foreign virus brought from the West (or all three things, really). The latter idea seems to be quite prevalent in Korea, and amongst the foreign-born Korean diaspora in LA.

    No one had heard of it, but if you’ll pardon the puns, we know that’s how sh*t like this gets passed, in the middle of the night…thru the back door. Put to a popular vote, even in California it went down in flames. The more you eschew the euphemisms of “gay” and acronyms like “LGBT” and call it what it really is, the more people will have that visceral reaction.

    Since I’m not really religious, I tangle with quite a few atheists over this issue. The militant atheists have simply replaced God with Marx, and the tenets of their religion are flimsy, pseudo-scientific ideas derived from social “science” – Boas, Lewontin, all the cultural Marxists, etc. Going back to Darwin though, it’s impossible to make a case that homosexuality is normal or healthy. Sodomites can’t reproduce; they are dead-enders in the truest sense of the word. But this doesn’t stop atheists trying to play the science card with me, much to my amusement.

    I see your “Yellow Peril” post, but I’m still trying to collect my thoughts before responding. My IQ is only 142, and I’m old (and retired on a disability) so I’m working with only a 386 processor in my head. Or maybe it’s a 386SX with a “Turbo” button. 🙂

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