Crayon Pop’s Minor Accident (and some musical reflections)

Creeping up on the anniversary of the Ladies’ Code calamity, Crayon Pop’s vehicle was rearended by a bus.  The girls were taken to hospital for evaluation but released with only minor injuries.  Godspeed Crayon Pop!

Only a couple of days ago I checked out their Japanese single, which I think does very well in the classic Crayon Pop mold.  Perhaps a full-scale Japanese album is what they really need to finally realize their telos to its fullest extent.**  After “Bar Bar Bar” and “Bing Bing” and “Lonely Christmas” and “C’mon C’mon”, they don’t have to fight for their perch in the K-pop canon; but other releases, though entertaining, don’t seem to have realized their zany potential.  The Shinsadong Tiger-produced “FM”, though intriguing, seems to fall into an uncanny valley between Crayon Pop’s definitive low-fi sound and the megawatt synth rampage of t.A.T.u.  He’s the world’s greatest record producer, but even he didn’t seem to quite figure out what they need.  “Ra Ri Ru Re”, though less prepossessingly amped-up, may be closer to what they really need.

Anyway, I hope the members are safe and well and not unduly shaken by their mishap– and perhaps they shall yet enjoy a second wind of viral megasuccess!

** Okay, there’s a Japanese mini-album



  1. MajorSeventh · · Reply

    Unfortunately, they seem to be strictly a singles band; we’ve begged them for a full album, but the closest we’ve gotten is a Japan-only greatest hits w/bonus track. If you missed Soyul’s “Y-Shirt”, Strawberry Milk’s (Choa/Way twins sub-unit) “Feel So Good”, last year’s OST “Hey Mister”, “Hapataka” from the FM release and “Bbyong Song” the bonus track from the aforementioned greatest hits, they’re all decent tracks that got little to no promotion.

    You and I are probably the only two people on the planet who like both KPop and Lawrence Auster, though I really only follow Crayon Pop closely. 🙂

    1. Well, you ARE a rare bird lzlz! Welcome!

      Yeah, it’s probably unfair of me to hold Crayon Pop to quite the same career expectations as other bands. Still, it does pain me that their 2013 viral success seems to have faded ignominiously. “Lonely Christmas” was a terrifically witty, more than ‘novelty’, follow-up to “Bar Bar Bar”, and I thought at the time it boded a really big career.

      “Hey Mister” is quite good (plus A Pink’s Eunji all over the video!) but “C’mon C’mon”, besides introducing me to “High School Love On!”, feels like a piece of pop genius. So the thought of a whole block of songs at something like that level continues to tantalize me. But I guess their whole schtick really isn’t suited to an album format. Perhaps only a singles-only approach will work for them.

      I’m not sure why, though, EXID apparently has snatched top-tier rank where Crayon Pop didn’t. The cynical explanations aside (Ass!), I can’t quite figure it. They’re a good group, and they’re Shinsadong Tiger’s house outfit to boot, but STILL. But I knew “Up & Down” before it took off, so I feel like the proverbial fellow who knew Napoleon when he was six.

      Not that I presume to dictate Good Taste to the Korean people, or even their teenyboppers– it’s their country, it’s their scene, and I’m honored to watch it from a distance– but occasionally they do leave me scratching my head . . . .

  2. MajorSeventh · · Reply

    Thanks for the welcome. I lurked for a while, so I admit that I did pick up from you an appreciation for Apink and (especially) Lovelyz in the past few months. I notice that the larger the group is (in number of members), the less inclined I am to follow them closely, but Lovelyz’s Kei is just, well, lovely. I still don’t know all of their names though.

    I didn’t see a mention of it here, so I hesitate to break the news to you if you haven’t heard it, but…some in the “gay pride” movement in SK have adopted Apink’s “Luv” as their anthem:

    It’s like when L*dy G*g* used Crayon Pop as her opening act in 2014, why do these people try to corrupt everything good and innocent in the world to support their own perverse, stupid, mental illness?

    Crayon Pop seemed all set for a big comeback right before “Lonely Christmas”, but rumor has it that the composer of “Bar Bar Bar” plagiarized another (Western) song with his song “I’m Beautiful”, which took the wind out of their sails. Even “Lonely Christmas” (also composed by him) was knocked for its use of the intro to the anime Lupin III. The group does have a resemblance to Japan’s Momoiro Clover Z, so the plagiarism label has dogged them for years. Personally, I love them as people, if they wanted to become a cover band, or go into acting, modeling or Swiss Yodelling, I don’t care. As long as they’re happy, and famous enough for their videos to be posted to Youtube where I can see them, I’ll support them.

    Their parent company, Chrome, signed with Sony after 3Bar went viral, but in 2014 they tried to expand with new groups (K-Much, a boy band; Bob Girls, a sekshi girl band; and Zan Zan, a humorous singing duo). They didn’t make much of a splash, and Bob Girls disbanded at the beginning of this year when one member developed encephalitis. Crayon Pop remains their premiere group, and yesterday was their first show since the wreck. It’s the Zapruder film of Crayon Pop performances, with fans tweezing out evidence of bumps, scrapes and bruises. They put on a good show and a brave face, but from their limping it seems Choa and Soyul may have slight knee injuries.

    LOL I guess I am a rare bird. Hi, I’m MajorSeventh, I love Lawrence Auster (RIP), Jared Taylor (AmRen), and the silliest girls in South Korea, Crayon Pop. (I enjoyed your post, “Are Crayon Pop Right Wing Extremists?”, I hope on some level they are at least conservative. I think Choa probably is, and she might be a Korean Nationalist – she recently completed a two-month acting/singing gig in a musical dedicated to the Last Princess of Korea, Princess Deokhye.)

    By the way, do HTML tags work in comments? italics

  3. –Oh jeez, I hadn’t heard, and I haven’t even got the heart to look at it right now. lol Well, tomorrow “Remember” will be off the top of the soompi charts, and I guess I can consider the Holidays over, and I’ll read up on that. I do notice allkpop pushes Cultural Marxist crap quite a bit, but it’s hard to discern whether that gets any real traction with the Asian fans or not. I hope not; but of course ‘hostile’ commenters are likely to get shouted down or banned, despite the generally hysterical tone of verbal abuse all those fourteen year-old Malaysians dish at each other (frequently pure poetry!).

    The fate of Korea in terms of its own National Question troubles me, but I try not to brood on it since for the time being it looks like they are fairly resilient. This probably deserves a big post on its own (however freestyle), so maybe I should go jot some thoughts.

    Crayon Pop’s tour with G*g* disturbed me– I can’t imagine that cokehead 43 year old could possibly keep her manners around them, and I cringe to think what sort of “IS GAY OKAY?!?!” interrogation they might have been submitted to. Still, thankfully they seem to have got away without harm. Maybe the management kept them discreetly holed up away from her.

    Of course, this reminds me of T-ara N-4’s horrific Vegas interlude, a subject I try very hard to repress from memory.

    I am still eager for any further hints of right-wing extremism from Crayon Pop, or other idols. Ellin sounds like she would be a fun date to discuss the Reaction with.

  4. MajorSeventh · · Reply

    As you noted in your recent post about Luv being appropriated, it’s pretty much the International (i.e. Western) fandoms and Western-born Asian diasporas who push Cultural Marxism the hardest. I lived in LA up until this past April and made many many Chinese and Korean friends, mostly older people like me (I’m 48).

    Those born overseas are very realistic about race; on the other hand, their kids who were born here or were brought here very young suffer from two things – relentless Asian assimilation to surrounding cultures; and hyped-up ideas about the value of education, particularly marxist academia. Sadly many of the young Asians I’ve met talk like blacks or hispanics, and freely date them; then they enter college and become SJWs. As a white guy I hate to put it this way, because my own people have a suicidal altruism that should rile me up just as much, but when I see young Asians acting the fool and knocking their parents for their “racist” (i.e. realistic) attitudes, my blood boils more than it does when whites behave the same way. I guess I feel that Asians should know better. Whites have been propagandized for 60 years, so I expect us to be stupid I guess.

    So your mention of the National Question brings up my own ambivalence. Like I said, most of my friends are older Chinese and Koreans, and one sure way to p*ss them off is to suggest anything like a pan-Asian identity. When I first moved to LA I admit I was clueless about all the conflicts Asians have had with each other. Here, everyone has an opinion about everyone else, and it’s not usually positive. This pains me, because I like them all, but studying a little history at least I now understand why they have grievances. So my ambivalence is this: with all the Western cultural hegemony imposed on Asia, there is at least a push for a pan-Asian identity (probably because we’re too lazy to keep straight who is who), and young Chinese and Koreans here in LA freely associate with each other. It’s just too bad that it includes Cultural Marxism in the package.

    So when Crayon Pop’s Choa starred in that Last Princess musical, I was proud of her, but I hesitate to endorse something that might dredge up anti-Japanese feelings, however justified. I’d much prefer that the countries of Asia stand up and tell the West to blow their Cultural Marxism out of their nether regions.

    Along those same lines, there was another news story recently, held up to the International fandoms for 15 minutes of hate, that described a member of the Japanese group Garnet Crow being the spokesperson for a “right wing extremist” political party:

    She’s a good example of what I’ve been trying to say. Their party is anti-LGBT, but also anti-Chinese and anti-Korean (or perhaps, anti-special rights for said immigrants in Japan). I don’t feel it is my place to say she’s wrong, I certainly don’t understand all the local issues, and I don’t live in Japan. It might be that there is a push for guest workers that she’s opposing, and she’s being smeared as a “racist”. In any case, so much Asian Nationalism seems linked to those grievances I mentioned earlier, and the last thing I want is for these countries to descend into serious conflict.

    “IS GAY OKAY?!?!” LOL, their interaction with G*g* was reportedly minimal, and thank God for the language barrier.

    Ellin sounds like she would be a fun date to discuss the Reaction with. Mega LOL I hope you speak Korean, because Elgu’s English is literally limited to “Hi, my name is Ellin, I’m fine thank you and you?” Beyond that our beloved Elgu is the font of all silliness in Crayon Pop. We call it the Elgu Zone, it’s like a force field of infectious silliness that radiates from her. All she has to do is laugh, and all the ice is broken, anywhere. They should invite her to the Six-Party Korean Reunification summit talks, the DMZ would be dismantled in the first afternoon and the north absorbed inside of a week. “Elgu, what do you think of the Dark Enlightenment?”

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