Happy Birthday Eunji!


K-pop’s greatest singer, K-drama’s leading young star, “Promise U” composer and A Pink Main Vocal and Face Jung Eunji turns 22!

And what can we say that’s good enough for the true Queen of K-pop?



No, nothing, except that we know she is very special indeed– the world-historical return of the Jane Austen heroine, incarnated as an Asian superstar entertainer, and the reigning paragon of feminine excellence known to us.  May Eunji, and all A Pink, sail on from glory to glory, crowned in virtue and grace, forever.  God bless, and Happy Birthday!  Eunji hwaiting!



  1. Eunji’s New Year’s Greetings for 2015!

  2. Eric · · Reply

    She’s 22 now—she should thinking of having kids of our (oops, I mean ‘her’) own. lol

    1. Eunji and I thank you for your warm wishes! lolzlz

      I saw the other day a piece on SISTAR’s Dasom, who made the comment that she doesn’t see herself getting married till she’s 30 or 35.

      Now technically in Korean usage this would mean 29 or 34, but it still stung. I don’t think Koreans en masse have swallowed Western anti-ideals whole, but the rot does permeate in part.

      For a celebrity, I can understand the pressure. Performing artists, quite simply, ARE crazy; and it’s to be expected that few such will ever lead lives of exemplary stability. Also, Asian idols are clearly beings apart in ways that even in Western society aren’t as pronounced– they are bedizened, hair-dyed goddesses striding among masses of, well, largely indistinguishable black-haired drones who probably see very little possibility of emulating them in any way. These are mitigating factors.

      But to just say ‘I won’t be married till I’m 30 or 35’– well, I hope she was just strategically consoling her male fans for the time being!

      Eunji really is remarkably mature for her years– it’s hard for me to believe she has achieved all she has, and has such remarkable poise on camera, all before the age of 22. She’s got a few vernal years ahead of her to work on this Art thing without regret.

      But someone like T-ara’s Boram and Qri, well– Lord, Qri looks so cute at 28 and 8 months, how could she ever stop singing and dancing? But the clock is ticking!!

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