The “Pink Season” Album Teaser

Donald Trump calls for an end to birthright citizenship, Greece sinks an immivasion boat, A Pink tops the Soompi charts for a second week– it’s like God is trying to tell us something.  Truly, this is a week past and a new week beginning of riches.

And now: the album teaser for A Pink’s debut full-length Japanese language album of their greatest hits! Which probably won’t be available for commercial digital purchase here, but we can always hope.

T-ara’s hits translated musically very well in their Jewelry Box and Treasure Box albums, but that was largely electro.  A Pink’s music is vocally and instrumentally softer, so we have to anticipate more mixed effects, which is what I’m getting so far from these snippets.  The “My My” version sounds underpowered (but I could be mistaken!); on the other hand, “April 19th” sounds lush and swelling.  “Bubibu” seems oddly filtered, like it was recorded on a smartphone; “Hush” maybe a bit sped up?  Idk.  But I’d really love to hear this in full.  OMG, and they’ve updated G.NA’s old intro poem for the Seven Springs of A Pink album!  I’ve secretly been lusting for her to do one more of those for A Pink, but oh well.

Regardless, it’ll be great to re-experience these classics transmuted into Japanese, whenever that may be.  Btw, I just heard the Chinese version of T-ara’s “So Crazy” a little bit ago.  I wonder if they’ll forget all their Japanese now that they’re taking up Chinese?


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