A Pink’s “Petal” MV

While I was still hyperventilating over the sudden appearance of A Pink’s old “Wishlist” mv in a fresh hd upload on 1theK’s youtube channel, I somehow missed until the day before yesterday a staggering new addition which, when it alighted upon my gasping eyes, was already a “one week ago” event:

–Here again, as with the release of Laboum’s “Sugar Sugar”, I am confronted with the inadequacy of my methods.  Surely, I would have thought, the home pages of soompi or allkpop would alert me instantly to the appearance of a new A Pink mv?!  Damnable, damnable negligence!  A WEEK had passed– a week in which I could’ve been killed in a car crash, for instance,– and all the while this canonical addition to the A Pink canon sat unnoticed, still only dreamed of– for I have been dreaming, constantly, of A Pink contributing a video for “Petal”!  After all, I reasoned, they did three videos for Secret Garden, and two for Pink Blossom; and with Pink Memory a full album, they surely would do at least one additional video, and with “Petal” obviously an artistic peak on the record and with it staged on MBC’s Show! Music Core as part of their Comeback set, it would be the obvious first choice!

And so, only by checking A Pink’s official channel for Bomi b-day updates did I learn that “Petal”‘s mv had become a reality– and what a waking dream of a reality it has become!

Ah, but thank you Lord, thank you A Pink, for delivering this beauty to the world;  and, if only belatedly, to my unwakeful attention.  “And what I say to you, I say to all: Watch.” (St. Mark 13:37).

And I promise to be very attentive to any further release of, say, a “Deja Vu” mv or a “I’m Attracted to You” mv or a “What a Boy Wants” mv, should any be forthcoming!  A Pink hwaiting!


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