1theK uploads A Pink’s “Wishlist” MV in HD!

The video for “Wishlist” is official, but I’ve never before seen it in a proper upload on youtube.  I don’t think it’s even on the A Pink Vevo page (hardly anybody watches A Pink videos there, but the uploads are relatively recent and they don’t have the various A Pink Diary episodes and so forth, which makes it a good place to get at their mvs quickly).

No, the only version we’ve seen before is a fuzzy old upload which unfortunately cheapened the experience of this minimalistic yet gorgeous interpretation of what is arguably the greatest song on Seven Springs of A Pink and one of the most hymnal and hymeneal of A Pink’s classic tunes.

Yes, it’s profoundly minimalist– so much so that I can’t be sure whether the placement swap-outs between Hayoung and Bomi were intentional, or just an editing splice-of-convenience between two takes.  Yet the enchantment of this video is so sublime, so irradiant, so pure, that I have to regard it as one of the best things ever filmed.  And I cannot praise the song itself enough– it absolutely thrills me with the very sense of the divine every time I hear it.  In Heaven, they must have songs like this– I think they must have this very song itself, in fact, so overflowing is its sense of yearning conjoined with blessed fulfillment, pouring forth boundlessly, astounding, empyrean.

So this is a banner event, to be able to enjoy it in the full clarity its angelic treatment of A Pink deserves.  God bless you, 1theK.  And God protect and keep A Pink, always!


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