A Pink Loses to BEAST on Show! Music Core

Well, A Pink came in second, in what is still a remarkably crowded and competitive field; and if it hadn’t been the prize-less Summer Concert last week, they probably would’ve won then!

Anyway, congratulations to A Pink for a strong 2nd place showing.  Shows the h8rs once more the lunacy of their “rob an empty house” meme.  Ye gods, I hate that!

T-ara did their comeback stage, which looked cute.  It is fun to hear Boram singing, “paaa–eey to-nay”.  But admittedly their comeback stage was almost an afterthought amid all the whopping superstar comebacks and A-list stages, especially the epochal Return Of The Wonder Girls (which I liked, but really– three years we waited, and all for THIS?).

Come to think of it, I guess I’ve never seen A Pink and T-ara share a stage before.  But I wasn’t thinking of that then.  Well, the time-space continuum (if that’s a real thing) didn’t collapse (if that’s what it does), so here we still are . . . .

8Muses is still promoting, which is fun.  GFRIEND haven’t progressed.  SONAMOO’s Yulhee-wannabe girl sported a megaphone prop for her raps; I can’t tell if her rapping was actually coming out of it or not.  Kinda like how I can’t tell if the Wonder Girls are really “playing instruments” or not [NB: is that why Sohee didn’t return for this?  Because at the beginning of the year she and JYP both seemed open to her coming back on board.  But now she’s had to write that silly resignation letter, just like Missionary Girl).

Well, once again, congratulations to A Pink, and may T-ara get some satisfaction out of this new promotion and their pivot to China.  A Pink and T-ara hwaiting!



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