From the comments at Zerohedge

Tyler write about NGOs as fifth columnists (I’ll be happy to point that out to some people!), and the neocon willingness to push to nuclear war in order to assure “Washington”s  [I’ll just say “Jewish”] hegemony; and in the comments Lordflin adds:

Most folks do not realize how terribly close to the edge we have come.

I lost a friendship awhile back with a fellow… bright, successful… all because I raised this subject. That, and I happened to mention that when a society openly embraces homosexuality it is a sure sign of impending doom. Turns out his daughter was a lesbian… according to my daughters. The fact is I have no feelings regarding what folks do in their own homes… well, within reason… I would object if they were burying bodies in the basement for example.

But the point is, and this gentleman is not alone. People have come to believe they can make the world whatever they want it to be. This is always the case when a society is on the verge of self destructing.

The big difference this time… and this time is different in many ways… is that we will take the rest of the world with us…

–Yes.  It really is this simple: our decadence is the gnostic heresy of remaking the world in the image of our own (supposedly sui generis) thoughts.  And insofar as these thoughts are mere wishes, completely unmoored from facts or metaphysical truths or any kind of teleology, I suppose they are sui generis.  But that only makes them all the more awful– their “originality” is that of schizoid delusions.

And it’s almost everybody who believes this.  I was staggered to pick up the Penguin History of the World and marvel at the hundred-odd pages at the end, a ludicrous endless NYT editorial of a write-up on the glorious triumph of secular liberalism, the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, pop stars as modern troubadours, the triumph of “science” over religion.  What absolute barking bunk!  Liberalism is insane, absolutely insane.  Poor do-nothing King Richard II would be an improvement for us.  God help us.

Deflation cannot come soon enough.  Christ, hear us!



  1. Eric · · Reply

    He’s right—though when I read “how terribly close to the edge we have come” I’m thinking that most Ameroboobs don’t see it in the international scene, either. Wishing that femihags and fags can be soldiers and wishing that we can win wars pushing buttons is going to get a lot of us killed before deflation does.

    Syria’s taken everything Obama can throw at them and is still standing. Russia has foiled the attempt to seize Ukraine and may break the NATO Alliance. China’s proven it has the technology to break our vaunted security state at will—and North Korea has gone from an isolated backwater to a regional power. A military defeat could really finish us.

    1. Well, not to be “unpatriotic” to my fatherland of Gomorrah that bore me, but I’ve often thought sinking a Nimitz carrier or two might be the wake-up call America needs to get the hell out of other people’s business.

      But of course, it’d probably result in sticky-finger nuclear retaliation first, and only THEN soul-searching, which itself would turn into sheer masochisistic insanity. Like, kill 10 million Iranians, then invite all the survivors to Nebraska. Brilliant job, America . . . .

      I really pray for the EU to break up. I guess the Greek rulers are too fearful of their necks not to make a deal with the German banksters, just to keep the show rolling.

      If only the EU/NATO could collapse, I think France, Spain, Italy would soon find they have no problem sinking “refugee” invasion boats.

      But as long as it survives, I imagine GIs will be used to put down any effort on the part of white Europeans to save themselves from total destruction, even if, say, blood ran through the streets of non-NATO Sweden.

      Oh, and speaking of regional powers: South Korea’s economy is on track to surpass France’s! Of course, France has to bear a lot of demographic deadwood tho . . . .

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