So There’s a New T-ara Record Out Tomorrow

Sigh.  I know, it feels like we’re not at all psychologically prepped for this like we’ve always been before.  The third post-Ahreum, Return of True-ara Korean album, and it almost feels like it isn’t happening.

This July– though not at all some sort of personal disaster– just feels very detached and somewhat disaffected.  There’s heat and humidity, being out of town for so long, conspiracy theories, too much coffee (paradoxical in this heat, but I can’t stop myself!).  The new A Pink album is beautiful, but there’s so much to absorb from it, and now we’ll have a new T-ara record on top of that.  Perhaps I won’t truly be able to think freely, exuberantly, until September.  Good Lord, how I hate summer!  I CAN’T EVEN THINK!!!

But hopefully Brave Brothers won’t screw this one up, and there’ll be great songs rounding out the collection.  New T-ara!  Just imagine that.  It’s such a special treat.  I think to myself I don’t even know how special it is, but I do.  I do.

Thank you, God, for more T-ara.  May we gobble this ear candy in the best of health!


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