A Pink Loses Inkigayo to boyband Beast

Sigh.  And Show! Music Core was the summer outdoor concert– great fun to watch, but no winner given!

So it looks as if the massive turnover of this crowded summer field may have condemned A Pink to winning a mere three trophies– the same count as AOA, and only a pittance compared to the twenty-plus seized by “Luv” back in December/January.

And those hateful little SONE tweenybopper bitches– urgh!  They make me so angry with their hateful jealous making fun of A Pink!  Your 8NSD is a stupid old ladies club now, over the hill! (though Sooyoung is still lovely).

Of course, A Pink is still very successful.  “Remember” is a huge hit, they’re selling massive numbers of physical copies, they’ve sold out a 9000 seat venue in minutes for their next Korean concert.  Plus they’re releasing new Japanese material shortly.  Pink Memory is a terrific album and their success will grow and grow.

I just hate the disproportion between “Luv”s endless trophy haul and this modest-seeming one for “Remember”, you know?  But A Pink hwaiting!!


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