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A Pink’s Prize Performance on Music Bank: “Remember” 20150731

Well, it’s only been a month, and yet here I am in such a retrospective and admittedly melancholy mood.  September is almost upon us– and while the heat won’t get swept out just yet, the blessed season of Autumn, which always fills me with delightment and zealous anticipation, will begin to steal upon us with […]

Solomon on Dialectic and Rhetoric

The wise in heart shall be called prudent:  and he that is sweet in words shall attain to greater things. –Proverbs 16:21 I’m imposing an artificial context from without–perhaps– but I think this applies reasonably enough to be instructive.  This proverb can be read conjunctively or disjunctively: one might, for argument’s sake, be “sweet in […]

N*gg*s in Asmera

Vox Day commenter RC writes: We must stop immigration because it greatly contributes to global warming. According to the World Bank, per capita energy use in the U.S. is over 4x what it is in Mexico. If you look at Guatemala, it’s even more stark at 10x. Except for Icelanders, each and every single person […]

A Pink’s “Remember” on Inkigayo

I’ve fantasized for ages about making omnibus salutes to the great stage performances of great hits of the past year like “Luv” and “Candy Jelly Love”, but while we’re still stuck in the Summer of 2015 I thought I’d go ahead and line up the Inkigayo stages for A Pink’s breathlessly wistful summer theme “Remember”. […]

Natural Born Killers

  It’s time to pass Black Control. Or ban blacks altogether.

And now, a brief moment of hilarity from the Chateau . . .

In the comments at heartiste Captain Obvious posts this: and, among other amusing replies, corvinus333 (what happened to plain corvinus?) writes: I’m pretty sure Sasha and Malia are now completely open to doing any white dude who remotely reminds them of Trump. That would be the ultimate “F*ck You Dad” in 0bama’s case. –Well, kids […]

Yellow Peril: Asian Immigrants and the Gramsci Assimilation

Commenter MajorSeventh weighs the divergent attitudes of Asians across the generations to the Sun People they encounter living in the West: [Northeast Asians] born overseas are very realistic about race; on the other hand, their kids who were born here or were brought here very young suffer from two things – relentless Asian assimilation to surrounding […]

Virgins Are Dancing Without Urging: The Numinous in Mozart and A Pink

In the comments for A Pink’s “Attracted to U” I hazarded a semi-ad hoc thought about Mozart’s Piano Concerto No 27 in relation to A Pink’s “Luv”; but now that I’ve thought about it a little, I’m suddenly mortified to ask myself whether I hadn’t thought much about this before?  Had I?  Lord knows I love my […]

Shameful Affections: K-domites Abuse “LUV”

Commenter MajorSeventh links** us to a curious interlude at a homosexual “pride” event in South Korea, in which the participants apparently spouted off an a capella version of A Pink’s monumental megahit “LUV” in supposed defense of their  lifestyle. Pearls before swine, so I won’t linger over this outrage.  I do wonder, though, if the […]

A Pink Fall In Love, Part II

The Korean networks are doing a sloppy job of updating their youtube channels with the authoritative dedication one should expect from them.  A Pink debuted “Remember” with “A Wonderful Love” on Show Champion and mbckpop has never put that up.  KBS still hasn’t uploaded the “Remember” comeback set (which also had another album track as […]

Nation’s First Love Suzy Rides Around in Her Van in April, sharing her favorite tunes

A beautifully aimless video of Suzy self-filming round and about, mostly on the ride back from her schedule sharing some of her favorite tunes and singing along, while outside her window we catch glimpses of nondescript streets in the still bare-leaved time of April. We see Suzy progress from her chic stage dress & biker […]

Crayon Pop’s Minor Accident (and some musical reflections)

Creeping up on the anniversary of the Ladies’ Code calamity, Crayon Pop’s vehicle was rearended by a bus.  The girls were taken to hospital for evaluation but released with only minor injuries.  Godspeed Crayon Pop! Only a couple of days ago I checked out their Japanese single, which I think does very well in the […]

A Review of “Lion Heart” by 8NSD

Handsomely mounted it may be.  The girls are (mostly) fetchingly made-up:  Sooyoung, you cinematic minx!  Sunny, I still like your pink hair!  And Yoona, Yoona . . . .  ah but you are something else! But what in Heaven’s holy name is 8NSD up to, eight years on into their storied career, releasing this bizarre exercise […]

Happy Birthday Solbin!

Laboum’s Solbin turns 18! Ah, seventeen year-old Solbin, you have been loved and immortalized, thanks to “Sugar Sugar” and “What About You?”  But at eighteen you will go on to even greater success!  Even among the stunning goddesses of K-pop, you do stand out– truly, Solbin could be the next Suzy or Yoona.  And Laboum […]

Trump vs. the Oligarchs

Donald Trump obviously has a lot of relations with Jewish powerbrokers– never mind that his children are married to Jews, as Brother Nathanael has pointed out.  But Vox Popoli commenter Mr.MantraMan suggests something which has floated nebulously in my mind too: I say its possible with Trump this is personal/business and so he has staying […]

The Black Empty Suit

From the archives at VFR, a guess essay by “Joseph Kay”, on the tricks used by Affirmative Action university admittees to appear “smart”, and the disappointments which inevitably ensue.  In part: Non-university people cannot grasp just how simple it is to fool those wanting to believe that outward appearances signify intellectual ability. This is particularly […]

Happy Birthday Eunji!

K-pop’s greatest singer, K-drama’s leading young star, “Promise U” composer and A Pink Main Vocal and Face Jung Eunji turns 22! And what can we say that’s good enough for the true Queen of K-pop?   No, nothing, except that we know she is very special indeed– the world-historical return of the Jane Austen heroine, […]

“BAM!”: KARA’s Youngji goes for the kill (with thoughts on total immersiveness)

I’m an “immersive” listener and viewer, a purist for watching or hearing Art with total attention, no distractions tolerated.  Not long ago I was perplexed to read some article about a “poptimist” music “critic” who publicly apologized for reviewing some Beyoncé album after “listening” to it only twenty times.  Naturally, my most immediate concern was […]

The “Pink Season” Album Teaser

Donald Trump calls for an end to birthright citizenship, Greece sinks an immivasion boat, A Pink tops the Soompi charts for a second week– it’s like God is trying to tell us something.  Truly, this is a week past and a new week beginning of riches. And now: the album teaser for A Pink’s debut […]

OMG! A Pink Wins the Soompi Chart for a Second Straight Week!

Was not expecting this!!! A Pink’s “Remember” remains No. 1 for the second straight week, winning it over their label mate BEAST’s “YeY.” “Remember” scores consistently over all our chart sources to capture the top spot again. Congratulations again to A Pink. BEAST’s “YeY” is one of the three brand new songs in the top […]

A Roly Poly Pink

A Pink treats Music Core’s Independence Day concertgoers with a cover of 80s Korean chestnut “Round Round”, a song perhaps best known to Western audiences by T-ara’s cover version, recorded in 2011 and almost released as the follow-up to “Roly Poly”, before they went instead with “Cry Cry”.  A wise decision, no doubt, for it […]

A Pink’s “Petal” MV

While I was still hyperventilating over the sudden appearance of A Pink’s old “Wishlist” mv in a fresh hd upload on 1theK’s youtube channel, I somehow missed until the day before yesterday a staggering new addition which, when it alighted upon my gasping eyes, was already a “one week ago” event: –Here again, as with […]

Happy Birthday Bomi!

A Pink angel Bomi turns 22! And to think, she was still only 19 when first she caught my eye!  But there is no shame in 22.  We needn’t cast our eyes back in time to “Remember” the radiance of her beauty, when every waking day gives fresh testimony to its startling refulgence. And, as […]

1theK uploads A Pink’s “Wishlist” MV in HD!

The video for “Wishlist” is official, but I’ve never before seen it in a proper upload on youtube.  I don’t think it’s even on the A Pink Vevo page (hardly anybody watches A Pink videos there, but the uploads are relatively recent and they don’t have the various A Pink Diary episodes and so forth, […]

F(X) Sulli departs the group

Nature, according to Emily Dickinson, is a haunted house, while Art is a house that tries to be haunted.  Bringing Dickinson’s esoteric musings on God and creativity down to bear on the real life problems of K-pop girl group f(X), we might say that Sulli is a weird girl, while f(X) is a band that […]

A Pink Takes No. 1 on the Soompi Charts with “Remember”

Like “No No No”, “Mr Chu”, and “LUV” before it, A Pink’s “Remember” takes the No. 1 slot on this week’s Soompi aggregate chart, though soompi has to apolosplain how their weighted soompi airplay score almost screwed over A Pink in favor of 8NSD: A Pink’s “Remember” narrowly edged two-week champion Girls’ Generation’s “Party” to […]

A Pink Loses to BEAST on Show! Music Core

Well, A Pink came in second, in what is still a remarkably crowded and competitive field; and if it hadn’t been the prize-less Summer Concert last week, they probably would’ve won then! Anyway, congratulations to A Pink for a strong 2nd place showing.  Shows the h8rs once more the lunacy of their “rob an empty […]

KBS World TV finally puts up a performance of A Pink’s “Remember”!

And even though it’s not the “I’m Attracted to You” + “Remember” COMEBACK STAGE (where the devil is that KBS World TV?  WHEEERREERERERE????!!!!?), nor their trophy-winning performance, it’s still terrific: with that running-in-place/skipping/jumprope choreo which will go down in history.  Will we remember?  YES!!!

An Honest Review of T-ara’s “So Crazy”

Having garnered some facebook reposts and even the kindess of a non-Eric (or Janine!) commenter for my “Honest Review of 8NSD’s ‘Party’”, it’s time we give an honest review of my beloved goddesses in T-ara, who have never done anything wrong, and their latest release “So Crazy”. Last year, I gave T-ara and Shinsadong Tiger’s […]

From the comments at Zerohedge

Tyler write about NGOs as fifth columnists (I’ll be happy to point that out to some people!), and the neocon willingness to push to nuclear war in order to assure “Washington”s  [I’ll just say “Jewish”] hegemony; and in the comments Lordflin adds: Most folks do not realize how terribly close to the edge we have […]

So There’s a New T-ara Record Out Tomorrow

Sigh.  I know, it feels like we’re not at all psychologically prepped for this like we’ve always been before.  The third post-Ahreum, Return of True-ara Korean album, and it almost feels like it isn’t happening. This July– though not at all some sort of personal disaster– just feels very detached and somewhat disaffected.  There’s heat […]

A Pink Loses Inkigayo to boyband Beast

Sigh.  And Show! Music Core was the summer outdoor concert– great fun to watch, but no winner given! So it looks as if the massive turnover of this crowded summer field may have condemned A Pink to winning a mere three trophies– the same count as AOA, and only a pittance compared to the twenty-plus […]