Happy Birthday Jiyul!

The Dal Shabet vixen turns 24!


Though last year saw many delays and hardships for the sprightly sextet, Dal Shabet finally returned with the Subin-produced cheeky retro swank of “Joker”, and the girls continue to vamp and glamp all over their Shabet on Air videos.

We wish the clever, voluble Jiyul another happy birthday, and so many more to come!

[Ed.:  You forgot Kaeun’s birthday day before yesterday, tool!]  Happy late birthday, Kaeun!

Dal Shabet hwaiting!



  1. Eric · · Reply

    At 24, she’ll also need a happy wedding day soon (hint: I’m still on the market)

    1. Well, if you’re gonna date Jiyul, you need to be a red-blooded man:

  2. OMG, she likes guns too! Do you have her phone number by chance?

    1. lollzlz well we see you’ve got more than pepto in your balls– if you’ll excuse my being vulgar . . .

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