Whitey McWhite writes on family, race, and the false conservatives

An excellent essay on race loyalty and the cuckservatives in the comments at Vox Day:
A herd animal that doesn’t protect fellow members of its kind, that is indifferent between its own kind and parasites and predators creeping among the calves, is a bad creature of its kind.

So too, a human being that doesn’t do what it can for its own kind is a bad human being. It is defective. It is not attracted to that which it ought to be drawn, and as a result it becomes unnatural.

For example, the end to which marriage is naturally directed is multi-generational continuity. The wiping away of the race (for example by mass immigration and forced assimilation, so that all native gene lines terminate) breaks the chains of ancestry and descent that marriages build.

A family that fails to go on may not be defective in any way. The volcano erupts; everybody dies; bad luck. But a family that doesn’t have in it by nature a principle of life that directs it to do [so], a family that innately tends to sterility, is radically defective. And the members of that family, parts of a defective [whole], are thereby also flawed.

[ . . . ]

Cuckservatives depart from what is right in at least three ways.  One is hypocrisy: they claim to be conserving when in the most fundamental way they are not doing so. The next is that they’re essentially traitors: their effect on genetic / grand family / racial continuity is the same as that of someone who welcomes in an invading army. Third and last, they’re contemptible because they’re comfortable with the betrayal and replacement of those related to them. They spend their own resources, and the resources that should belong to the children most closely related to them, on strangers who like cuckoos push out the true descendants of the group. In essence, cuckservatives really are cuckolds.



  1. Eric · · Reply

    I think he’s focusing on the symptom rather than the disease. Like a lot of other WNs, he doesn’t see that the culture is disintegrating because the public schools and mass media are making white native-born American girls incapable of promulgating the race. That’s why men have to turn elsewhere if they want the race to survive at all.

    1. Well, I don’t know if this “Whitey McWhite” is known outside Vox Popoli (maybe you’ve encountered his writing elsewhere), but I picked this one out of a good thread because I thought it speaks well to the teleological role of family, and why the deliberatively nonreproducing family is a non-family. Strictly in the context of that thread, I thought it was a nice kind of Aristotelian summation.

      lolzlz Well, I doubt anybody in the alt-right sphere HASN’T at least thought about the role of the damned public schools and the damned mass media! Let’s not get cocky!

      1. Eric · · Reply

        Yes—I agree that a nonreproducing family is an oxymoron, although Vox seems to believe that reproduction outside of monogamy is not a bad thing.

        I don’t know much of the author either, but WNs often write similar things; and the name Whitey McWhite doesn’t suggest a person who’s especially warm to other cultures. lol

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