Two Years in this A Pink radio broadcast video of “No No No”

Two years is an epoch in the lives of women so young as the girls of A Pink, and yet it seems only yesterday that here they were, rolling on with the triumph of their Soompi Chart-topping breakthrough hit “No No No”, still arguably the most perfect pop song of all time:

And now–A Pink is in the midst of the fresh fray, returning with their epic new Shinsadong Tiger single “Remember”, a song threading together the bubbly effervescence of “No No No” with the bittersweet yearnings of their Christmas ’14 megahit “Luv”.  Will they begin the new trophy-count tonight?

Regardless, this clip remains, on every level, a supreme artifact in pop culture history.  With a transcendent song, the girls in ebullient, playful spirits, and the added, almost Kieslowskiesque drama of the arbitrary quotidian events that quietly intrude upon A Pink’s pop-goddess moment (did that guy come back to fetch his homework?), this video pretty much embodies everything I’ve loved in K-pop generally and A Pink particularly.  It was a grand moment in Time, and thank God we have it recorded, to savor and replay forever.


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