I’m Still Alive

— but I need to get back on here, don’t I?

The new A Pink album is out, and the haunting new single “Remember” plays over and over again in my mind.  Yet I feel like I haven’t begun to get enough of it, to do justice to it.  I felt the same way when “Luv” debuted, and it’s extraordinary how well that song has dominated my daily life ever since.  To think there was a time when there was only one week, two weeks, worth of promotions!  Already it has reached No 2 on the Gaon weekly charts (8NSD has sunk to No. 4), so hopes are high that A Pink is on the cusp of a triumphal run of trophy-collecting, even at 8NSD’s expense.

So we’ll be talking again and again about all that.  Meanwhile, curiously enough, I found time to watch SISTAR’s comeback set on Music Bank, and I actually quite enjoyed it.  I know I said some vaguely non-disgusted things about “Shake It” on the day of its debut, but in actuality it’s a fun tune that may be this summer’s “Like A Cat” for me.  At this point, I don’t begrudge SISTAR their own run of trophies with it (at least four compared to AOA’s three?).

Due to last week’s epic housesitting adventures, I completely lost radar-contact with the Girl’s Day scandal, so I’m not sure whether they’ve managed to survive that or whether Korea is stewing in hatred towards them.  This of course is all very minor stuff by our standards (they acted aloof and “rude” on a chat show, supposedly at the mc’s instruction, but this all blew up amazingly awful in their faces).  Their summer single, alas, remains as crappy as I said it was, and I don’t know if they’ve won a single trophy.  Shockingly, it looks like they are the summer’s loser.

I suppose A Pink will need to sweep two weeks’ worth of shows in order to repeat the meta-megahit phenomenon of “Luv”, but if they beat SNSD this week while SNSD is supposed to still be hot, this will be moral victory enough to support our claim that they officially are now the biggest (as they are the greatest) girl group in Asia.

Oh– and T-ara’s actually coming back in August instead of waiting till October!

I listened to Beethoven’s Seventh this evening, btw.  Just throwing that out there.

So this is just a ramble to remind myself I’m still alive, and to keep a bit of diaristic score of what’s going on, and finally just to break the radio silence and remind myself I have this little blog and I do enjoy it.  So hopefully, this again will be my little daily jaunt of jotting.

This July heat and humidity right now is the equivalent of sixteen inches of snow.  It’s like I can’t even stir myself to run for groceries, it’s so oppressive and fatiguing.

But, God granting, I will soon feel normal again.  Last week was fun; I admit I miss the dog, and the laziness of the days, and all that reading in bed.  I saw a great early Kurosawa I wasn’t even aware of before, I watched a bunch of other movies– even Robert Redford’s The Candidate has some amusing things– and I managed not to die of frustration knowing that A Pink had returned and I couldn’t hear it.

So, just as when Pink Luv came out– I was out of town, off the internet, and my place was freezing cold when I returned because the heater was on the fritz– I’ve had to endure an A Pink return with the mental hobbles of weather and the weird jetlag of coming back to it from a long sojourn alone in the country.

But the new A Pink is brilliant and wonderful and loveable and joyous, and my mind is clearing, and I think I can even manage to live sanely, even though I have made the terrifying discovery that Sandy Hook is a hoax.


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