Happy Birthday Hayoung!

Hayoung turns 19!

Hayoung, I love you, I think of you always, you are our beloved A Pink maknae, God bless you!

Hayoung tumblr_m2zr8peChp1qeky2io1_500

And though I cannot at this moment hear it, you have released a new A Pink album, and a new single, and this birth of artistic genius will shortly pour upon my delighted ears, and my life will be made new, as your music always makes me, and I will go forward in life with the awesome burden of this new wealth of beauty you have helped create.

Thank you, Hayoung, and Happy Birthday!



  1. Hayoung’s life epic unfolds anew:

  2. After the latest scandal, I’m afraid that there’s no future for me with Ariana…

    However, Hayoung is younger and single…and she could definitely do better than those umbrella-twirling guys. Maybe for her birthday, we could take a romantic trip to Miami and I could expose her to some classic genres of music:


    Ah, Hayoung…Miami Beach…cocktails…

    1. “Single”, my ass. But Hayoung told me to tell you– well, actually, I didn’t repeat what you said to her; I don’t think she needs to be exposed to that kind of Western male rumination from non-me males.

      “she could definitely do better than those umbrella-twirling guys”

      Sigh. Now you’re just being raciss!

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