K-pop’s Girlapalooza Sucks

Oh dear, the girl group comebacks of summer are so far really sucking.

The latest and biggest group to bite the dust is Girl’s Day, which ruins their quartet lineup’s stellar string of singles (“Expect”, “Female President”, “Something”, and “Darling”, along with a grand assortment of well-promoted ballads) with the so-bad-I-will-hardly-ever-listen-to-it-again “Ring My Bell”:

Quite apart from not wanting anyone to steal A Pink’s forthcoming thunder, quite apart from the utterly extraneous and abysmal presence of a black man in this video– this song is a total piece of shit.

I mean, just– AWFUL!  Duble Sidekick, what were you thinking?!?

This comes on the heels of a predictably awful SISTAR comeback and an almost equally sucky AOA comeback.  What were the names of those crap songs again?  Good Lord, do I really need to waste my time digging up that crap?

9Muses actually stands as of now as the brightest entry in this catalog of suckiness with “Hurt Locker”, which is nowhere near as good as their winter entry “Drama” but at least is a listenable piece of shopping mall techno, unlike the nails-on-chalkboard 3 year-old preschool dance party horror that is “Ring My Bell”.

Good Lord!  What are K-pop’s producers thinking?  All these “summer songs” sound just like SISTAR’s 2013 crap.  I don’t know why that stuff was so popular to begin with, but now it’s as if it’s been standardized into The K-pop Sound, like some sort of law girl groups have to follow this year.  What a daunting slice of conformity!

AOA has been edging out SISTAR thus far in trophies– a reminder that SISTAR has always had weak physical album sales, considering their supposed megastardom.  Earth to K-pop:  SISTAR’s popularity is a mile wide and an inch deep.  Making all of K-pop orbit around SISTAR’s shitstar sound is a BIG MISTAKE.  If only AOA’s “Heart Attack” had been adventurous like “Like a Cat” instead of standard-issue lowbrow Brave Brothers crap, they might be doing even better still.  I’m happy for AOA to beat SISTAR– they do do SISTAR’s schtick better– but it would be an unhappy sign of decline for so mediocre a song as “Heart Attack” to reign as some sort of summer anthem 2015.

Pray God A Pink delivers.  Truly, with competition this earnumbingly awful, they could “rob an empty house”, as their naysayers love to snark, yet again.  Is it A Pink’s fault if everyone shows up in competition with material this disgustingly lame?

But pity Girl’s Day.  Last summer’s “Darling” was so good.  What has happened to them?  What has happened to us all?


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