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A Pink Wins KBS’ Music Bank with “Remember”!

A Pink’s triumph through this week’s music shows continues with a victory over Super Junior and SNSD on this week’s Music Bank!  A Pink is almost certain now to win Show! Music Core and Inkigayo too! So we are almost sure to repeat “Mr. Chu”s epic weeklong haul.  Not to get ahead of ourselves but this […]

A Pink Win M! Countdown with “Remember”

— and beat out 8NSD at number two. A Pink hwaiting!  More trophies to follow!  Whew!! [details to follow] Yay! The performance:  

Happy Birthday Jiyul!

The Dal Shabet vixen turns 24! Though last year saw many delays and hardships for the sprightly sextet, Dal Shabet finally returned with the Subin-produced cheeky retro swank of “Joker”, and the girls continue to vamp and glamp all over their Shabet on Air videos. We wish the clever, voluble Jiyul another happy birthday, and […]

Let the Trophy Count Commence: A Pink Wins Show Champion with “Remember”!

Thank you, Jesus!  God bless you, A Pink! [details to follow . . . ]  

A Pink Fall in Love

Determined as I must be to write some full review of Pink Memory, it will do well to give some sense of the album’s sustained mood of magical, summer love by sampling the record’s third track, “Attracted to You”: which builds up a sustained mood of gentle, swaying excitement and endearment as to mimic somehow […]

T-ara’s “So Crazy” Comeback Is On Its Way

The good news:  it looks supercute! The (potentially) bad news:  it’s a Brave Brothers production. Sigh.  So hopefully, this will be in “Like a Cat” territory or maybe “Alone” territory, because otherwise, it’ll likely blow.

“Our martyrdom has only just begun”: Brother Nathanael on the tyranny of Jomogamy

Gross lesbian yid alert!: we get a quote from You Know Jew, Masha the Maniac. Disgusting pseudo-intellectual filth.  But the Heavens thunder behind Brother Nathanael amid rain, portending the drama of eventual judgment and resurrection.  Babylon delenda est!

Whitey McWhite writes on family, race, and the false conservatives

An excellent essay on race loyalty and the cuckservatives in the comments at Vox Day: A herd animal that doesn’t protect fellow members of its kind, that is indifferent between its own kind and parasites and predators creeping among the calves, is a bad creature of its kind. So too, a human being that doesn’t […]

Two Years in this A Pink radio broadcast video of “No No No”

Two years is an epoch in the lives of women so young as the girls of A Pink, and yet it seems only yesterday that here they were, rolling on with the triumph of their Soompi Chart-topping breakthrough hit “No No No”, still arguably the most perfect pop song of all time: And now–A Pink […]

I’m Still Alive

— but I need to get back on here, don’t I? The new A Pink album is out, and the haunting new single “Remember” plays over and over again in my mind.  Yet I feel like I haven’t begun to get enough of it, to do justice to it.  I felt the same way when […]

Happy Birthday Hayoung!

Hayoung turns 19! Hayoung, I love you, I think of you always, you are our beloved A Pink maknae, God bless you! And though I cannot at this moment hear it, you have released a new A Pink album, and a new single, and this birth of artistic genius will shortly pour upon my delighted […]

An Honest Review of 8NSD’s “Party”

With the release of so-called SNSD’s “Party”, we come to the end of the pre-A Pink K-pop girlapalooza of Summer 2015, and to the formal Korean comeback of the Jessica-less Girls’ Generation.  At this milestone, I will offer a few bits of honest, nonvituperative commentary. On the positive side, I can honestly say that “Party” […]

K-pop’s Girlapalooza Sucks

Oh dear, the girl group comebacks of summer are so far really sucking. The latest and biggest group to bite the dust is Girl’s Day, which ruins their quartet lineup’s stellar string of singles (“Expect”, “Female President”, “Something”, and “Darling”, along with a grand assortment of well-promoted ballads) with the so-bad-I-will-hardly-ever-listen-to-it-again “Ring My Bell”: Quite […]

Dong Gun It, Jiyeon’s Dating

Well, another charismatic T-ara beauty is “off the market”, with news that former and present maknae Jiyeon is dating an actor named Lee Dong Gun. [Ed.:  Well, I hope she’s satisfied.]  –Well, of course I hope so t– hey!