Shall We Take This Inside?

Vox Day commenter Chris Ritchie poses these questions:

And this is the $64,000 question: What line does the enemy have to cross before we defend ourselves?

1. Our national border? When millions of unregistered illegal aliens are given the right to vote thus nullifying our honest votes? Is that when?

2. Our national laws? When the state demands a bakery pay over a $100,000 fine to a bunch of deviant homosexuals? Is that when?

3. Our state laws? When some deranged muslim cuts off someone’s head in the name of Allah? Is that when?

4. Our cities? When there are areas in suburban Dearborn that you can’t drive in because the inhabitant muslims there turn you back? When you can’t go to downtown San Francisco without witnessing lewd acts? When babies are still being murdered daily in the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in the town’s ghetto? Is that when?

5. Our homes? Should we just wait and let all of that happen and let the enemy advance to the point they have in northern Iraq where they are pulling Christians out of their homes and murdering them? Is that when?



  1. Eric · · Reply

    I think that’s the question that should have been asked sometime in the early 1990s. I think it’s really becoming more a question today of going underground or emigrating.

    1. “See you in the catacombs”, as some at Vox Day say.

      But, I hope, not yet!

      Or, as my favorite Roger Moore 007 line goes: “We’re not dead yet.”

      But likely we are . . .

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