Somali Filth Rapes 12 year old, gets 180 hours community service

Hat-tip Heartiste:

On November 10 last year the 18-year-old Somali immigrant, Muhamed, lured 12-year-old Ida to his home in the Swedish city of Sundsvall. Muhamed had claimed to be in possession of intimate pictures of the young child and promised he would give them back – if she followed him to his apartment.

But instead of giving back any pictures, Muhamed raped Ida. The ruling from the local court states that he repeatedly punched her in the face and held his hand over her mouth during the rape. According to the court he also kept repeating the words “black d*ck is expensive” over and over while raping the girl.

After the brutal abuse, Ida, according to the sentence, “bled profusely from her genitalia” and suffered “both physical and psychological” hardship as a result of the gruesome deed.

“Black dick is expensive”?  Bullshit.  I’d cut off that pricey black dick and throw it in a ditch, free of charge.

Here’s some “Civil Rights” jive for us white people to start talking:  “No law, no peace.”

If we can’t enjoy rule of law– you know, like, laws mean what they say they mean, and crimes get punished in proportion with their viciousness– “no peace”.  Why should any white man shame another white man for going all Paul Kersey on this crap?

It’s time to celebrate fathers acting like they’re the only thing standing between their children and death.  Because it’s become that way.  “No law.”  Hence:  “No peace.”

It’s time for fathers to act like fathers.  It’s time for uncles and grandpas to act like Sicilians.

“No peace”:  and jury nullification when a good white citizen hears the trial of another good white citizen.  Right wrongs.  Keep true peace.  F**k “law” that is not law, that coddles the Satanic and strangles the innocent.

Anders, Anders, Anders.  Go go go.


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