False Flag?

I’ve seen the photoshop analyses, and I’ve skimmed some of the improbably articulate “manifesto” of the drug-zombie-looking killer, but Laura Wood at The Thinking Housewife has posted this video, even amid assertions of her incredulity, and I have to admit– boy oh boy, does this feel like some 1970s Brian De Palma thriller we’re stuck in:

And boy, it’s like the corporate/government media was just ready for this, wasn’t it?  The Confederate flag went out and shot all those people!  Now it’s goin’ down!

And this Storm Drain Windpipe dude– who is he?  How the hell does this bowlcut white boy even know what Rhodesia is on a map?  Hell, I own four atlases and I couldn’t pick out the flag of Rhodesia if my life depended on it.

Everybody in this story is so “forgiving”, aren’t they?  White shooter forgives his love interest for dating black guys; black family forgive shooter for gunning down they mamma.  No need for nobody to panic, just so long as we take down Dixie, move for some more gun control, demonize white people everywhere, put the police under federal orders, etc.

And I haven’t even clicked on the rest of Laura Wood’s links yet.  It may be time to get all Elisa Lam-med up on this story.  I’ve been more or less ignoring it as the usual hysteria-shrouded train of sad but useless bull crap; but now, after listening to this righteous brutha eviscerate the begrieved’s expert testimony, I have to say– this thing is damn fishy.



  1. Eric · · Reply

    Liberalism is a mental disease. They hold guns, flags, and pressure cookers accountable for what their fellow-psychos do.

    1. Somebody at Vox Day pointed up the “cargo cult” nature of this. If “Mein Kampf” and subsequent events hadn’t happened, the swastika would still be the arcane symbol H. G. Wells described it to be in his “Outline of History”. Are they going to ban WWII history books with swastikas used in the graphics?

      Apple is banning Civil War computer games that use the Dixie flag too. The lights are going out in America. . . .

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